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How most to create an original interior?

It is necessary to adhere to the style most precisely defined, thought up by you. This style can approach under classification any existing, but more likely during creation of really original interior it will be personally yours.

With what to begin? needs to be Begun with

with absolutely simple things. For example, think what season is pleasant to you? Fall? Well. Now the fall, is also a high time to collect a multi-colored palette of fallen leaves. To bring together them in a huge number and to iron each of leaves the iron, having put them between two clean sheets of paper. To paste over with the prepared material, for example, all walls in the chosen room or furniture. To cover with a transparent varnish in two layers, and one original interior is ready! You have four rooms? It four season.

We dream other interiors

you love beads? Work will be laborious and long. To paste over with beads all kitchen furniture - more originally the idea, apparently, cannot be. It is necessary to gather beads on a usual thread or a scaffold and to paste over furniture, without leaving gaps, creating intricate geometrical drawings. In all directions it is possible to paste over with beads home decoration, for example the disk store or bottles, having turned them, thus, into vases.

You dream of own pool, but, alas. So arrange to yourself pass - the pool in own bathroom ! Only get a special tile for the pool (glazed clinker, a smalto mosaic ), consult on its laying and revet walls and floors of a bathroom, including a bottom and sidewalls of your old bathtub. Spread drawings, previously having transferred the sketch prepared by you to concrete. Playing geometry, visually expand space, having laid out horizontally strips of a multi-colored tile, or increase room height, having placed the same strips vertically. Place several mirrors on walls to create effect of the big room.

Salvador Dali has a lodge in Spain on the bank of the gulf - with a huge window which frame is made of a wide baguette. During a full calm you look at a window and you do not understand, a picture it or not!? Let`s borrow this idea. Buy a wide baguette the magnificent made old gold or silver color (depending on what is suitable for your interior) and paste it on end faces of shelves, a table, on a window instead of usual slopes and if you venture, on the TV .

It is necessary to throw out old clothes, fabric scraps ... stop! It can find application in an interior too. Now once forgotten sideboards, bookcases which internal space is pasted over or upholstered with fabric became fashionable .

The yarn lay too long? Wind it legs of chairs, tables, picture frames, furniture handles, vases, a strut of the battery, a wire of lamps. In a word, everything that gives in to a wreathing.

Were fond of a stained glass list ? Plexiglas not less than 3 mm thick is required. Determine the size - or you will close them all walls, or separate spaces, for example, a wall in a hall where it is rubbed clean more. Paint on your taste. Drawing to a wall fix the plexiglas panel. Stained glass paint it is possible to draw also on metal surfaces. So, if you have an iron door, then stained glass drawing on it will look as glaze.

Ideas for creativity great variety. Glance in your trunk of old things: the accumulated buttons, plaques from belts - it is possible to decorate with them a frame photo. Do not hesitate of the ideas. Walls can be pasted over with huge posters instead of wall-paper. For dressing of separate zones, the walls decorated with sea glass, splinters of mirrors, beaten ware are suitable for wine cellars, economic rooms, uninhabited premises, for example, of restaurants. For example, the Dutch fashion designers Rolf Snoren and Victor Horsting in one of the boutiques on a ceiling pasted furniture. Create, give to the ordinary sense, but you observe a side between stylish creativity and elaborate design!