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Bad advice. How to do a make-up? Part 2

the Next councils for the correct drawing a fighting coloring.

6. Mouth.

the Attracting lips cannot be colourless. 3 options of a lip coloring are most attractive:

a) the mouth which is led round over the line of lips with a space not less than 3 mm black or it is bright - a red pencil and plentifully greased after that with colourless gloss;

b) brightly - scarlet lips - irrespective of your type of appearance and time of day;

c) the mouth increased thanks to drawing a contour with a noticeable otstupaniye from the line of lips the is more than a distance between a pencil and the natural line of lips - the better.

By the way if you want to emphasize mimic or age wrinkles - use a liquid eyeliner for lips or the old spreading lipstick, she as well as possible will emphasize all folds and roughnesses. Especially if it is flown down to a mouth corner. And never you look in a mirror to be convinced of lack of shortcomings of a make-up even if a coloring floated do not spend time and cosmetics for restoration, true charm of the woman is shown not in accuracy and an ukhozhennost at all.

Than is thicker a layer of lipstick or gloss on lips - it is better for those. And it is even better - to put several types of the lipstick different in texture and on color, thus having revealed all best qualities of each of them.

of 7. Glory to sharpness.

our ingenuity knows no limit. Why to buy shadows and blush - if shadows can be replaced with success blush? Why the pencil for lips is necessary if the mouth can be drawn with a black or brown pencil for eyebrows? The vamp will turn out very stylishly, such whether you know. And nothing that blush is not intended for drawing on a mobile eyelid, roll down pellets and gather in corners of eyes - in corners of eyes the make-up has to be even more intensive (if it is still possible!) .

8. Blush. Blush has to be obligatory for

. A flush - an indicator of beauty of the woman if you do not trust, look on old Russian pictures - there at a flush in all cheek (speak, rubbed with beet) - and we than worse? And a bright flush on white skin (is more dense than foundation, is more dense) - same such contrast, such beauty!

9. Place of purchase of cosmetics.

the Place of purchase does not matter at all. Shop, a drugstore, a tray on the street or the market, a booth with chemicals and means for poisoning of cockroaches - all this is uniform. But in shop is for some reason more expensive. Especially in specialized cosmetic shops. And why only there observe temperature condition and do not allow sunshine to play on cosmetics? And still for some reason harmful consultants who stick the nose everywhere are found there. The most impudent (the truth, not all) even dissuade to buy darkly - claret lipstick and is bright - pink shadows because they, you see do not suit your age, a hair color and skin. The youth whether to us the nobility, than it is necessary to be painted becomes impudent?

10. Cosmetics for face care and a body.

As you already guessed, cosmetics for face care and a body - excessive expenditure of money. It is all the same not visible. Some optimists will claim that results of use of such cosmetics are visible. And even say that it is necessary to look after skin in 4 stages: clarification, moistening, food, protection. And still it is necessary to do steam trays with herbs, masks for clarification of skin, peelings, nutritious and vitamin masks including from fresh vegetables and fruit (what horror!) to use the foundation or a bases having special protection against ultraviolet rays (their several types) and during the day to irrigate skin thermal (or tala) with water. Do not trust these gossips. And the most mean lie - as if it is impossible to leave cosmetics on a face for the night. It as if hammers a time, does not allow skin to be restored and in general badly influences a condition of the person. And unless in a dream it is not necessary to be beautiful? And unless you are not afraid that the husband suddenly will see you without cosmetics and the drawn person? No, we as skilled women, we are able to distinguish these groundless and on anything not based conjectures, and never so will make. The cosmetics can be washed away only in one case - if it already began to flow (and flew down more, than half) or if it was just absorbed by skin, then feed the face with a new portion of cheap cosmetics.

11. Constancy. having decided by

Once on the choice of a make-up (usually it occurs in 16 - 20 years), never change it. What fashion trends would not be born - remember, you were born even earlier and have to with pride tell about it. If not words, then make-up. Also get rid you these nonsenses about a day and evening make-up. And about the fact that the day make-up has to be done only at a daylight (or very good lighting) and to be quieter and natural, even in bed (ah, forgive - in pastel) tones. It is necessary to live brightly. And the more brightly - the better. Against today`s variety and violence of paints it is impossible to remain unnoticed. So and life can pass by. And future darling. And if to make up more brightly yes more densely - only the blind person will not see. And the appeal will understand, and will approach (if is not frightened). But timid are also not necessary to us, isn`t it?