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Bad advice. How to make a make-up? Part 1

So, councils for a fighting coloring.

1. Foundation. Porridge oil you will not spoil

- foundation cannot be much. And the more - the better because ideal skin does not happen. If complexion differs from color of a neck - means, you just zealous and economical woman also prefer not to spend cream (and good cream for some reason the road) for the fact that many will not see or will pretend that will not notice. Especially well the spots of pink foundation which are unevenly put on a face and emphasizing its unhealthy color look. Unfortunately, voice-frequency cream of yellowish shades are not so allocated on a face and suit almost all therefore to achieve the same effect of red spots it will not be gained. By the way, it is not obligatory to rastrynkivat money on the road super - cream - it does not cost that. If your collar or a scarf are soiled in foundation from its surplus on skin - you should not cause tone with thinner layer, buy good laundry detergent better. If you think that the type of one tiny heat-spot is better, than the type of a centimetric layer of the foundation trying to hide this heat-spot - means, you the same inhabitant who thinks that the dry and shelled skin before causing tone needs to be moistened with soft day cream. You still would tell that before drawing a voice-frequency basis on the shelled skin it should make an easy peeling!

2. The accurate contrast lines emphasizing drawing cosmetics on the person.

of the Eyebrow have to be drawn with the fat black line which is not necessarily coinciding with the line of growth of hair. Even if you the blonde or the reddish brown-haired woman, dense black sable eyebrows will not prevent you. Eyebrows form a face. There are no eyebrows visible for kilometer, - there is no person. It is not fashionable to pull out eyebrows any more. Even if they grow plentifully and everywhere including on a nose bridge.

If tell you what eye shadow which is fatly used by shooters - a bad form, know, this person or understands nothing in the real beauty, or he (and it is rather it) envies you.

The mouth also has to be outlined by the continuous accurate line, it is desirable not coinciding on color neither with lipstick, nor with the general palette of a make-up. Ideally it is necessary to try to draw the line of a mouth with a dark pencil, having receded from the line of lips of millimeters on 3 - 5 and to tint these magnificent sponges colourless or it is bright - pink gloss. Bright pink or red gloss (without impurity of brown or pastel tones) especially will suit the women having yellow teeth. And never shade a lip pencil!

the Flush for greater beauty needs to be put as accurately outlined circle, as at a nested doll too.

3. Concealer and green pencil.

Who told that heat-spots should be covered with a special green pencil before putting foundation that imposing of shades hid a shortcoming? And even the fact that such pencils, as a rule, contain the substances accelerating drying of a heat-spot (for example, extract of green tea or juice of a cucumber) - bald lie! The concealer which is applied on a zone under eyes for concealment of bags and bruises and is 2 - 3 tones lighter than color of a voice-frequency basis, perfectly will be suitable also for any heat-spots and red spots. Spots - it is natural and consequently, not ugly, and the concealer perfectly will emphasize them.

4. Eyeliner and shadows. have to be

of an Eye bright, and for this purpose it is necessary to use the best efforts and to spend all available cosmetics stock. The eyeliner put with the shivering hand and a fat thick black pencil (irrespective of color of your hair and skin) will be able always to allocate you from crowd of white men and not made up (or almost not made up) women. It is necessary to live brightly! It is not recommended to save on shadows too. The more - the better. And it is bright - the blue shadows applied on all surface of an upper eyelid - a hit of all times and the people, not without reason many women so plentifully use them. Look at faces in the trolleybus and glance in eyes to your dvornichikha - even they are able to use these remarkable shadows and do not limit them quantity!

If you decided to emphasize eyes with several types of shadows, never conform to the rule the closer to a century - the more darkly and never do smooth transition between different flowers of shadows. Smoothness of lines or the total absence of lines reached thanks to shading is not our method.

5. Ink. has to be

of Ink much - therefore do not buy expensive ink. Put several layers of this magic substance better, without waiting until the previous layer dries out. Lumps and flakes of ink will make your eyelashes even more volume and dense, and a look - more attractive.

to Comb eyelashes a needle - excellent idea. Also it is not necessary to buy a special brush, on the saved money it is possible to buy one more cheap ink on a tray on the street or in the subway. If you unintentionally miss and will get a needle into an eye - can be left in general without it. And it to the best. In - the first if the nature thought up pair body - the second already superfluous means. In - the second, now you will spend less time and cosmetics on a make-up - so, and will save money.

Waterproof ink is an idea for the coddled women. To our beauty neither the rain, nor snow, nor bathing in the sea or the pool is terrible. If someone tells that for fire at the sea the make-up is not necessary at all, except special creams - it just wants to look brighter and made up on your pale background. Therefore never you leave the house, without having imposed ink half a kilo (and a lot more any other cosmetics) - even if just you throw out garbage. Talk on what harmfully to be painted every day and should be given to skin, to eyes and eyelashes to have a rest a little - lie. And in it there is no truth at all.

Continuation - in the following article.