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How to communicate with employees of traffic police?

All of us are, of course, law-abiding citizens and we know that it is impossible to violate traffic regulations. And not because it will be followed by a penalty and strict suggestion. Just similar pranks time cost very much, not only to you, but also people around. However, if you are not guilty whether it is possible to explain it to the employee of traffic police? Watching what type met on the road …


It is dynamic, despite a solid stomach. Jokes, but on some notes in a voice it is obvious that fun will end soon. He in traffic police not worse than any psychologist knows long ago that from you can be received: bribe or plan for the protocol. His classmates promoted, and at it it did not develop. It is angry for the whole world and ready to vent it on you.

How to behave.

Any tears and threats! If really broke, then pay a penalty. And if you consider that carp at you, demand that everything was issued under the law.

Sly fox.

It is frank, without hesitating, extorts money. He is a shrewd psychologist therefore depending on a situation will speak insinuatingly, to speak in a deep voice bossy. If to carp there is nothing, will check the first-aid kit, the fire extinguisher and a sign of an emergency stop.

How to behave.

If you did not jerk on red light, he will be able to show nothing serious. There are claims - let makes out papers. Further trials are recommended to be transferred to an office of his chief.

Impenetrable. Will fine

for the most insignificant violation of the rules when it is possible to manage the prevention. Knows laws badly, and what knows, treats in own way. I am glad to take bribes, but is afraid and therefore is angry. If the chief raises on him a voice, will die of a cardiac rupture.

How to behave. not to show

At all that you are afraid. Among the it is not held in respect so always looks for a case to recoup on weaker. It is necessary to talk to it strictly, to surely write down number of the chief, a surname and phone.

Old fighter.

It in GAI it is already decent, but behind shoulders which - what is more serious. It has a tired look a lot of seen in human life. Among old fighters very clever people come across. And very honest.

How to behave.

Honesty and sincerity in this case - key to a solution.


On a post recently. It is broken off between ideals of the honest attendant of the law and a cynical example of the senior companions. He still remembers what it was taught to, and not only for what what violation a penalty, but also that its duty - preservation of life, health and property of participants of traffic, protection of their legitimate rights .

How to behave.

should not Cry and prove the case, and that he indeed will think that you are strongly guilty. Quietly to explain everything to the inspector - only right choice.

Be careful on the road!