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How to outwit age? We fight against wrinkles.

Skin without wrinkles about advanced years. Who does not dream of it? How many admiration film stars of age " cause; for or under with faultless persons. Plasticity? Skillful massage therapist? Gena? What to guess. Each of us on a shoulder such results.

In youth I learned that skin begins to grow old from 18 years. How it is possible? Age of gentle youth! It appears, cells of skin begin to lose water, skin becomes insufficiently elastic. To years to thirty the metabolism will begin to be slowed down, that is division and formation of new cages will decrease. As the result - weakens connecting fabric.

What else enemies are at peach skin? Free radicals. They are caused by a stress, a lack of oxygen, harmful emissions in the atmosphere, preservatives in food, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, ultraviolet rays and still the whole black list.

Free radicals negatively influence walls of cages, as leads to formation of wrinkles.

Therefore it is important to nourish skin outside and from within. Fruit, cellulose, vegetables and enough liquid in day. The main task - not to allow itself to wither prematurely.

Two more terrible enemies of youth - smoking and consumption of alcohol. It is not necessary to give examples - just look around. The drinking woman always looks is not well-groomed and is much more senior than the years. The smoker has a skin of grayish color. What here youth! Try to look at yourself in a mirror after super - wine parties. Not a sight for the faint of heart. Such blow to beauty. A lack of a dream too always on a face.

Enemies were revealed. Strategy is necessary. Into the account of smoking, alcohol and a sleep debt - each hostess to the destiny and the health. To be or not to be - a question eternal. Solve.

Masks. Cream. Massage. For a start define the type of skin - dry, fat, normal or combined. For this purpose there are testers in any cosmetology clinic. The Internet will help in one hundred other independent tests. For each type of skin the leaving is necessary. To pick up the scheme for the producer, on your requirement consultants will always help with salons. The main rule - a regularity and systematicity. To each season - the scheme of use of cream, masks and massage. Include in the diet beauty daily spoon massage, for example. The result will declare itself soon.

Daily morning exercises will help to be loaded with oxygen and cheerfulness for all day. Jump through a jump rope. Work on the exercise machine. Be run since morning. A contrast shower and you are young, vigorous and cheerful!

By 30 years on a forehead practically all have folds, and to forty - a stubborn wrinkle between eyebrows Completely it will be possible to avoid all age changes hardly. And here it is possible to outwit the age!

Right now mix a honey teaspoon, egg white and a tablespoon of sour cream. Add several drops of a favourite aromamasl. Put on the washed face. 20 minutes. Wash away warm water. Then wash cold. Admire the ruddy cheeks rather. Such mask will help to get rid of small wrinkles. Tremendous lifting.

How many cups of tea you drink in day? And whether you know that the impressive cup of green tea will help to strike free radicals? Fill in boiled water in the dismissed tea leaves again and for the third time. Tea is more and more tasty. Drink on health!

At what temperature you sleep? If in your bedroom it is higher than 18 degrees, you can quickly lose shape of youth. Exchange processes in an organism depend on ambient temperature. Faces of southerners since youth carry a setochka of wrinkles on a face, and northerners as if are preserved. Open window leaves, let in night freshness. The fairy of night will bring you youth.

Even requirements of skin depend on time of day. In the afternoon it needs moistening. Therefore tonic and the moisturizing cream - morning satellites of a make-up. And at night skin is restored. Clarification from cosmetics and a complex of active agents - evening procedure.

Considerably care of face skin at different times differs year. In the winter before an exit to the street tonic and the moisturizing cream it is dangerous to use - behind a window a frost! It is important to save gentle skin from the sun in the summer. Sun-protection creams with UF - filters will help with it. For each type of skin - the cream. The main task - to keep tenderness of skin both in a frost, and during a heat.

If you like to stay long hours near the TV - do not spend time in vain. Under legs fill sea pebble and you go on it. You make active points on stupnyakh - all organism is revitalized. Count the beads or small walnuts in hands - now points on hands are massed. Same effect. Impose a mask or do self-massage. Pleasant with useful.

Councils for fight against wrinkles there is a great variety. Not to list in one article of all. But if there is no desire to keep and increase greatly natural beauty, no councils will help.

Any manipulations have to brings you pleasure. When you see result in a mirror and will hear delighted Ah, what woman! your works will receive a laurel wreath.

At any age be young and beautiful!