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If the remarkable neighbor of

lodged in the house you got the apartment in an apartment house and, having installed to it, begin to meet people who will of a case became yours sosedya - mi. Over time, with one of them you make friends, will visit to each other, and here with others... Correctly say that it is possible to choose the apartment, but it is impossible to choose neighbors.

Testing delights of public transport in the large city, a hedgehog - dnevno tensely working at work, often badly feeling, at you it is uniform - the stvenny desire at the end of the day of work is to have a rest in silence in sobstven - ache to the apartment, and on the weekend longer to have a sleep.

But not here - that was. Some neighbors have other outlooks on life. They do not reckon with people around. They are distinguished by loud feasts, frequent family quarrels, demonstration of opportunities of the of a sound - the teleequipment, noisy ig - ry children. Or other extreme: neighbors do not like planning to quar. - shooting galleries, and they started in it long repair. And even more situation to a usug - to fight if you under windows have an outlet selling a circle - losutochno alcoholic drinks.

That it is necessary to do to you in a similar situation. To look for the new apartment, but there can be same neighbors. Or to leave in the evenings to have a rest on a visit - Nice, but it is very expensive. Or constantly to swear at neighbors, but it to itself on - Kladno.

Is other exits from this situation.

to Come!

In - the first, resolutely to talk to neighbors, to try to solve about - bly peace in the way.

In - the second to study the rights. According to administrative for - the konodatelstvy ambassador of 23 hours all noisy actions influencing rest of other people have to stop. Therefore, it is possible to complain of those who do not respect these rules to the local operative.

B - the third. The apartment renovation connected with re-planning has to you - fill according to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation. Therefore if it is Provo - it ditsya in a time off, or it is connected with difficult technological works during which very noisy construction equipment is involved, you have the right to appeal against these actions in local governments.

I, at last, last, most effective way. To make good repair in the apartment with use of modern sound-proof materials: windows, doors, double ceilings, sound-proof partitions.

So, stalemates does not happen.