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Why we begin to write ?

Question not idle. Whether you reflected, dear reader though once had desire something to write for what and from what such motives, povinuyas to what impulses, we begin to write? And for what it, actually, is necessary to us. What such internal requirement we satisfy, creating on paper or on the monitor screen the works?

What impulses, what forces lead the people who made writing the work to this profession? It is thought that in search of sources of such impulses it is necessary to address line of human nature which is inherent in all people. Line of this, undoubtedly, is the requirement to express any phenomena of the life surrounding us in the word that is connected with requirement to express itself.

The requirement of self-expression is almost physiological requirement, and easing or its total disappearance (that happens very seldom and only at rare individuals) actually contradicts the most human nature. Agree that people reticent or silent cause in us concern as all people by the nature are talkative. At the same time they talk about the work, about relatives and it is very frequent - about to itself.

Why there is a need to tell others about itself? The person - a being social and to tell about himself to others - means to be chosen out of limits of himself, the I, the small world to share with others, even small, the world, so - to get rid of loneliness. And at the same time - by means of absolutely strangers. It is not incidentally considered to be that absolutely the first considerable thing created by someone is, as a rule, the story about itself which is often carrying lines of the autobiography.

Diaries are known to all. Very few people did not write them, having retired and not deciding to tell about the experiences, trusting only them to paper, and is frequent and all past life developed into memoirs - that is memoirs of memory, memoranda about time and about itself in this time. Strong shocks, painful or joyful, as a rule, give rise to just verbal outpourings, recognitions, confessions, heart-to-heart talks.

Private notes - already literary works. Perhaps, they are also created not without undercover thought that these notes will have the reader, sometimes even casual. Such undercover hopes are not alien writing even for himself.

The writer, the creator, embodies general aspiration to express itself and to open the inner world in the creativity, in it its submission to a natural impulse of human nature is shown. At the same time he becomes a spokesman and those who cannot, or perhaps does not want for any reason to express. Readers in told by the writer so never find reflection of the thoughts, and not stated by them as to introduce the ideas as the writer made, they would not manage.

Both the photo fixes moments of our life, and literature is urged to constrain eternal flight of time because it keeps in always real all that ever and where - or happened to someone.

Tendency and requirement to self-expression which is peculiar, as a rule, to all people at the writer finds special force and, apparently, that these tendency and need for self-expression become absolutely necessary annex to his own life.

Aspiration even if also vain, the writer always has to have a healthy vanity, to immortalize the phenomena during a happy instant once can be crowned with a deserved success, and at the same time new cultural value will be born. Let it will be even one line of the poem or any mature and perfected phrase of prose which reflected in themselves a moment of our life which already became history.

Expanding borders of human soul by familiarizing it to the great world of the imagination, shaking dust of vain daily occurrence from a daily image of the world, the writer lifts also other people on more considerable step of humanity.

At the same time the writer has a huge advantage as by means of the creativity he can and exempts itself from the deepest sufferings, and often, and painful thoughts of time and of itself, splashing out the internal pain to the huge sea of reader`s audience where this pain and sinks, being absorbed by a positive of boundless reader`s audience.

As well as any confession, a literary confession, is capable to remove the weight which is saved up for long time from soul of the person, to exempt it from internal torments and self-flagellation, from bitter thoughts and feelings.

Entrust the word the stiffened bitterness, caked pain, unexpressed regrets and everyday alarms - and be cleared! Perhaps, for you an opportunity to commit the thoughts to paper or on the screen of the monitor will become the only exit, way of self-defense, attempt to break from bitter and sick reality to tops of spirit or even just will become your gate to the huge and boundless world of great opportunities where you, having met friends, will find feeling of own importance, rest and internal security because this world is not hostile to you!

Open to the world, and it will open for you!...