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How to prepare Russian cabbage soup for the winter?

history of this preparation last February Began. Disgusting weather, cold, dampness generally, not for nothing in Belarusian is called February fierce . And I wanted to eat a plateau of Russian cabbage soup. From one thought of this dish blew softly left in the summer, the hard cabbage kochanchik which were comfortably curtailed on beds, the tomatoes which are important growing ripe in a hotbed It seemed - I will eat, and the blissful country state when you are extended in a chaise lounge right there will return and it is proud you examine well-groomed beds.

In general, anything special. There is a wish for Russian cabbage soup, it is so necessary to go to shop, to buy necessary ingredients and to prepare a desired saucepan of pleasure. I also went. Also bought. And as bought not only cabbage, but also week norm of products on all family, did not pay attention to the price. Already at home, unsticking the price tag from a head of cabbage, it was terrified. It appears, the price of this unfortunate German kochanchik was even $4 - at the rate of $6 for kilogram! How many cost tomatoes, sweet pepper and onions I did not even begin to look - it was terrible. Russian cabbage soup turned out gold.

And the other day I visited the market. Having found out that the cabbage stands up $0,35 for kg I reflected. Walked on booths, being interested in other ingredients. Sub-standard tomatoes (it means - crushed) cost $0,50 for kg, onions and carrot (the truth, they are absolutely standard) as much cost, and here sub-standard pepper cost only $0,2 for kg (while for standard asked $1,3 for kg). Having convinced that not quality of pepper consisted only in its curvature or tiny soft specks (the rotting centers) which are removed the easy movement of a knife, I decided.

Having bought everything, I began to prepare Russian cabbage soup for the winter. If you, as well as at me, have no opportunity to store cabbage in heads of cabbage, then recommend my recipe can " Russian cabbage soup;.

Tomatoes, sweet pepper, onions and carrots undertake in a proportion 2:1:1:1. Tomatoes and pepper are small cut, carrots are sliced, and onions are cut by half rings or chetvertkolets (as it is pleasant to whom). Vegetables mix up and keep within a pan so that to fill it on 2/3. The pan is put on slow fire. It is added ½ a glass of vegetable oil and 0,5 l of gas station (at the rate on a 5 liter pan).

Gas station - 1 l of water, ¾ glass of vinegar, 4 teaspoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3 bay leaves.

It is possible to add fennel, a coriander, a carnation, chili powder. It - at will.

After mixed vegetables settle to a half of a pan, the chopped cabbage is added. The quantity of cabbage has to be such that with a hill to fill a pan. When all vegetables podtushatsya it is a little more (the hill will be made even to edges of a pan), mix mixes carefully up and added a little more salt and vinegar (on a 5 liter pan - ¾ tablespoon of salt and 0,5 glasses of vinegar). In 5 minutes the product is ready to an apportion in the sterilized banks and roll-in.

If you like the crackling, dense cabbage, then it is necessary to watch closely mix preparation - the cabbage very quickly boils soft. But even if do not follow and the cabbage will become soft, nothing terrible. It does not influence tastes at all.

Now to prepare in the winter Russian cabbage soup, it is enough to open a jar and to lay out preparation in meat broth. This preparation can be used and as salad. If you do not like sweet pepper, then it is not obligatory ingredient. In this case the amount of other vegetables in proportion increases. In the same way it is possible to exclude cabbage - if you want to prepare tomatoes and pepper salad.

Several words about sub-standard tomatoes for such preparation. At the crushed tomato only one side is usually damaged. This soft flank is cut off, keeps within other pan - not there where the cut dense side will go. From such tomato remains fine sauce which can be used at preparation of other dish prepares.