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Whether children can eat mushrooms?

the Autumn time - a mushroom time. All thoughts and feelings of fans silent hunting are busy with saffron milk caps, slippery jacks, honey agarics, milk mushrooms, russulas, svinukha - as if it is more them to collect yes to prepare more tasty. Mushroom soups, pies, juliennes, mushrooms in sour cream, marinated, salty under vodka Mmm, objedeniye!

Of course, looking at the parents who are appetizingly eating greedily mushroom delicacies, kids pull hands to an unfamiliar dish too, wishing to try a new delicacy. Well how here to keep and to treat the baby with a mushroom?!

We are parents reasonable and responsible therefore let`s reflect: whether mushrooms in the child`s diet are so necessary?

Many consider mushrooms as a useless product. It`s not true. They contain considerable amount of protein, cellulose, vitamins (And, B1, B2, D, PP, C) and minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, sodium etc.) However so valuable substances not so that simply are acquired. The matter is that all of them hide behind the peculiar cover reminding chitin of which the armor of crayfish and some insects consists on structure. Even the adult organism hardly digests a chitinous cover! What to tell about children who simply have no enough the enzymes necessary for its processing! So mushrooms are categorically contraindicated to kids till 5 - 7 years! At more advanced age it is possible to treat the child with carefully crushed mushrooms dish, it is better - from the cultivated oyster mushrooms or champignons. And if you decide to refuse absolutely mushrooms in the children`s menu - there is no trouble in it: the kid will receive protein from meat dishes, there is a lot of cellulose in vegetables, phosphorus and vitamin A contain in fish, vitamins of group B - in many grain etc. of

One more reason for which kids are not recommended to use mushrooms, - universal deterioration in an ecological situation. And even if you will not collect mushrooms along highways or near the industrial enterprises, it will not secure your kids against a serious poisoning. Mushrooms, like a sponge, incorporate a huge amount of heavy metals, toxic and radioactive materials! It is unlikely you want to treat the child with similar " cocktail; which can cause the heaviest disorders of internals.

Even if all adult family members safely and without consequences have dinner mushrooms, your child can seriously suffer, having tried the most edible and reliable fungi. Insidiousness of mushroom poisonings is that their symptoms begin to be shown only in 6 - 35 hours after food when mushroom toxins begin to be removed from an organism by kidneys and a liver.

If the kid everything is ate forbidden mushrooms, and to him it became bad (belly-ache, a headache, slackness, vomiting developed), at once cause ambulance! The quicker the child will receive the qualified medical care, the it is more at him than chances to keep life and health.

Before arrival of the doctor it is necessary to give the baby first aid. It is good if the child had a vomiting - clarification of a stomach in this situation is simply vital. If there is no vomiting, it needs to be caused. For this purpose let`s drink to the child a glass of cool boiled water, then press a teaspoon on a language root. It is possible to repeat such washing 2 - 4 times. Will help to remove toxins from an organism preparations - sorbents: absorbent carbon, enterosgel, smekta.

Never refuse hospitalization of the kid! As a rule, children`s poisonings with mushrooms proceed very hard, and your child can receive the full-fledged toxicological help only in the conditions of a hospital.

Health to you and your kids!