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Was not at the woman of efforts, the woman bought it was overgrown? Therapy by test of

Thumbed through the book which recently became popular Jay Haley Therapy by test: Unusual ways to change behavior . The name frightened, contents amused.

In general, the described human problems are not especially original, here the way of their decision - is a little unusual. To the person who has an obvious fear of direct television air that outright prevents it to work, it is offered to rise on an alarm clock at night and to be engaged in physical exercises. It is not sure that to go in in the dead of night for physical culture - it a useful occupation, but, allegedly, the patient recovers soon. Really, if you have the only choice - or to stammer and redden at the sight of a chamber, or to squeeze out from itself squats at night, - the wise organism can orient fast that it is more favorable to it.

It seems, the same patient, having lost the last barrier fortunately, suddenly, nevertheless, began to miss, to him it became boring and uninteresting. Then to it suggested to build the house - both to design most and to participate, - now the person has no problems at all.

Other described case - the young man feeling in himself creative inclinations well cannot force to sit down and write though a line in any way. (Probably, really, meets, - you open Word - and a stupor, complete prostration). It becomes clear that the young man still difficult meets girls. Then he is offered to agree accurately with himself: or the page in day, or it is ringing to the girl with purpose of appointment. Furious such arrangement. But here, without telling, naturally, the names, psychologists assure that everything is all right at the person: also it is published, and with private life full openwork.

The main thing is in that thought up replaceable test it would be obligatory intelligent, carried a usefulness element.

Certainly, in it there is a sensible grain. And it is possible to use method, probably. But we will have enough tests. Definitely, will be enough. Let`s call it therapy by small children`s cunnings (Mothers, it is possible I lessons then for now I take out a bucket to the yard?) . To tooth - tomorrow, no, it is better on Monday (or after a morkovkiny Shrovetide) - Aha! Then repair the crane in kitchen, differently too advantage. Laziness to iron blanket covers? Oh, here it is even difficult to find equivalent test Something at all fanatic.

My friend every time when parting with darling learned a modern language. That not to think of a white monkey constantly. The tears are more bitter, the process is more active. Learned much. Until to another learned something and already the husband does not leave darling

A, maybe, when definitely there is no wish for something or something is impossible - and it is not necessary? And to try not to see a problem where it and not such global. A problem - that it can be only in our eyes, and by and large - to be not worth a farthing, and " antidote; let`s appoint to ourselves unreasonable. Perhaps just more indulgent to be to itself? To regret, forgive the own flaws, to let itself go in peace? Not to blame, not to reproach itself, not to have complex? Well it is impossible " all the time; to look on one million to smile on one million (here and quotes are not necessary, teeth in the price now), to speak on one million to earn one million, eventually? Whether well, however, needs to be the working woman, very exacting to herself with the nekormlenny children waiting at home (on other end of the city with three changes in the subway and the filled bus)?

Speak, many dictators grew up from a big inferiority complex. Organized to themselves, it turns out, test. And to others too.

It is necessary to solve individually, of course. The main thing - not to go too far. We - that everything know long ago that the wedge a wedge is overcome, but to get accustomed to a wedge everything is there is, maybe, and not such it terrible, and, maybe, and necessary even at the moment. If precisely disturbs also to anything - then we will think out something and to agree with ourselves. Or - or.