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Whether it is possible to fall in love with the island? Corfu

Everyone who at least once will visit the Greek island of Corfu will be forever obedient its unforgettable charm and beauty. Being buried in verdure, treated kindly by a bright sun and warm wind, with carved coast of gulfs and bays, Corfu easily makes the way in heart and remains there for many years.

Its air is literally impregnated with legends and myths, in the history of Corfu is known since the most ancient times. Exactly here Yason and his Argonauts when came back from a campaign behind the Golden Fleece found a shelter.

Corfu attracted with the matchless beauty not only at all times conquerors (it is ready, Romans, Normans, Venetians, Turks, French, British and even Russians), but also many creative people who, the islands inspired by beauty, sang of it in the works. Goethe, Gerald and Laurence Darrely, Oscar Wilde, Edward Lear, Alfred Sisley - the list can be continued indefinitely.

of Corfu is the most northern island in the Ionian Sea and is a link of the East and West in Adriatic Sea. Today Corfu - the resort with a world name, known in all corners of the globe. Corfu quite small island, its area makes 592 sq.m, and the coastline - 217 km. However, despite the small sizes, Corfu is very different both natural riches, and creations of the person. Incomparable beauty of the nature perfectly gets on with great monuments of various historical eras.

The capital of the island is the city of Corfu of the same name. It by right is considered one of the most attractive cities of the Mediterranean Sea and represents the narrow line of sushi which acts in the sea. First of all, the city strikes with harmonious connection of the architectural elements, absolutely unlike on style, which are the remains of various cultures which in various times prospered on the island.

The city of Corfu consists of two cities. The old city is the largest medieval complex of Greece where still there live people. It is protected by the state. On picturesque close small streets - kantunya - it is allowed to go only on foot. Each of them conducts to some monuments, the Byzantine churches or cathedrals, the Venetian ladders and sources punched directly in a stone. There is no clear boundary between the Old and New city. Near very narrow small streets wide avenues and streets with big areas among which Spianada is especially remembered extend.

Buildings of the city consist of two and more floors and are built in absolutely different styles. Some - in strict Anglican style, in others the French influence is obviously looked through, and the third are created in primordially Greek traditions. It is possible to wander infinitely long about streets of Corfu, examining the buildings, amazing on the beauty, decorated with galleries, intricate arches and balconies with skillful carved lattices.

The city of Corfu is surrounded with two fortresses. On the one hand there is an Old, or Sea Fortress built in the Byzantine times and reconstructed and strengthened by Venetians in 1546. From the city fortress separates Kontr`s ditch - Foss over whom there is a drawbridge. On the other hand at Old port the city is surrounded by the New, or Coastal fortress which was constructed in 1576 - 1588 for protection against Turks.

Each person, irrespective of character, temperament and preferences, will be able to find to Corfu something special, interesting only to it. Here wonderfully the world full of a privacy and immersion in quiet beauty, and the world of pleasure and cheerful entertainments intertwine. Travelers modern tourist complexes, magnificent hotels with fine conditions for rest, a set of cafes, restaurants wait, for bars, discos and, of course, the surprising sights full of stories and legends, picturesque vicinities, the clean sea, tender climate and hospitable locals.

In Corfu first of all it is worth visiting the Archaeological museum, the Byzantine museum which is in fine church of the Mother of God - Antivunetiss`s panagia, the Old palace, Church of Saints Yason and Sosipater, the Monastery of the Panagia Platitera (Manduki`s region), Saint Spiridon`s church, the Cathedral, Muraya Embankment.

It is worth visiting only once Corfu and this island will become love for the rest of life, the place where it will want to come back again and again once again to take true pleasure from unforgettable rest.