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We prepare in the microwave oven - the furnace. How quickly to cook up a tasty lunch?

Almost entered today each modern house microwave ovens. Fancy and the simply. Convenient thing: 30 seconds - and on a table the warmed bread, as if just from the furnace. One - two minutes - and a hot lunch. If, of course, in advance to think of its preparation. For defrosting and heating of food of the microwave oven - to bake a thing convenient and irreplaceable. And let scientists argue on advantage and harm of beams, we will cook in the furnace a lunch today.

Very first and the most tasty dish - fried sunflower seeds . Just delight! Is more tasty, than on a frying pan. Carefully we wash sunflower seeds in a colander. We shift in glasswares for the microwave oven and we put in the usual mode (as on a warming up) for 2 - 3 minutes. We take out. We disturb. It is necessary to take out! At me the vessel when I disturbed directly in an oven burst once. Again we put for 2 minutes. Again we disturb. And so several times. Every time try sunflower seeds. Readiness can be defined only on taste. Always different time leaves. Depends on quantity, humidity and a grade of sunflower seeds. It is possible them still damp slightly to prisolit or sugar. Who as loves. Try!

In the microwave oven - the furnace I I cook beet on - fast . Just I put dry fresh beet in a plastic bag, I tie - and in the furnace. For 5 minutes. In a usual saucepan on a plate such beet will cook for an hour moreover minutes 20 under a stream of cold water will reach. And here 5 minutes - are also ready. If the root crop large - can be necessary slightly more time. Experiment. Also quickly and according to the same scheme both carrots, and potatoes cook.

In a microwave it is possible to make very quickly a tasty lunch, it only will not give a fried appetizing crust if there is no grill. Who tried dishes from the Russian oven, can find analogies to dishes from the microwave oven - furnaces.

Soup potato with meat.

Quickly enough prepares. Pork and beef to take 150 g. To cut meat with small pieces. The more small - the quicker will cook. To crush a head of onions. To grate average carrot on a large grater. Potatoes - cubes. To put all these ingredients in a glass pan, to salt, pepper, close a cover and to put in the furnace at full capacity for 10 minutes. Meat will give juice. Then to fill in with water - 2 glasses. To put bay leaf. For 5 minutes in the furnace. To mix - and for 5 - 10 minutes. To pour on plates, to add small chopped fennel. Fresh such soup, transparent.

Chicken " ham; From the Cockerel - a comb .

This dish will be ready in 20 - 25 minutes. In a glass form for the microwave oven we spread two carefully washed out and dried by a paper towel of ham. We pin them in several places. Take ware more deeply. We spread pieces of potatoes and mushrooms nearby. We strew from above with pepper, salt, favourite seasonings. Garlic. We close a glass cover and we send to the furnace for 20 minutes. Power is 70%. In the middle of process water ham with the emitted juice. Very gentle dish. You will lick fingers. Noticed - there is no oil there!

There is an interesting joke from life. About the fact that eggs in a microwave cannot be cooked - carries the furnace at all! But experimenters - both again were not translated on the Russian land and again put egg in a shell in the microwave oven. And again explosion rattles!

If to pour out egg in a glass with the added some salt water, quite good fried eggs turn out . At all not such, as on a usual frying pan. More likely, on boiled a yaytsopokhozha, but very not bad on taste. The main thing that there was no shell. Otherwise loud explosion is provided!

" vegetable stew; Summer clearing .

Remarkable dish! In a glass saucepan for the microwave oven we put any vegetables cut by pieces - vegetable marrows, onions, tomatoes, sweet pepper, eggplants, cabbage, carrots. We salt everything, we add any spices, greens and a little vegetable oil. We put opened in the furnace for 20 - 30 minutes. It is possible - to prevent one two times, and it is possible to be engaged for all this time in something to others. Excellent stewed dietary vegetable stew turns out. Hi from solar summer!

In a microwave it is possible to weld also pelmeni on - fast . Put 20 pieces of pelmeshka in one layer on a plate for the microwave oven, put an oil piece, salt. Power is 70%. Only cover. 10 minutes - and pelmeni can be eaten. Smetana, fennel, vinegar - here and a lunch is ready!

Excellent the boiled corn turns out in a microwave . As easy as shelling pears - you put an ear on a plate and you include on the maximum power for 2 - 3 minutes. Is much more tasty, than in water.

For a dessert - cottage cheese casserole with raisin .

We mix 500 g of fat cottage cheese or curds, 2 tablespoons of semolina, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar if cottage cheese sour. If you take sweet weight - add sugar to taste. Vanillin. Half teaspoon of soda. Cubes of apple or the scalded raisin. In the oiled glass form we spread mix. Full capacity. 15 minutes. The splendid dessert!

Join! Bon appetit. A fast lunch for an hour.