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What needs to be remembered when writing the composition? Several councils of

the Composition - nearly the most difficult task at schools and at examination. According to statistical data on results of USE - 2008, the lowest GPA has examination in literature.

At entering higher education institutions like to give the composition on literature. It is not surprising: the composition it is possible to check very precisely abilities of the pupil, his intellectual level in general. For example, if future student clicks tasks in physics as if nuts, but the cow through writes the word and , it speaks about its unilateral development, narrow-mindedness and low cultural level, and it, you see, is not really good.

Besides, it is very difficult to write off the composition: not only that at examination it is necessary to spy too often a crib, so still it is necessary to find a source from which this composition is necessary before “ to pinch “. The problem is that even staying at home, having imposed with reference books, the grandmother, elder sister, the Internet, the book “ Hundred / five hundred/one thousand gold / diamond / invaluable (necessary to emphasize) compositions “ and other valuable (and not really) artifacts, all of you equally will not write the good composition.

If you absolutely the layman, just does not drop down for you ability to write off correctly at least on “ 4 “. And if you consider yourself rather erudite and “ 4 “ will not arrange you, you just will not find from above-mentioned sources of the worthy, unique composition which is not dazzling with the hammered and bothered phrases anywhere: “ … the poet - the prophet that Gogol derided orders that Famusov - avaricious and disgusting. And Chatsky is not the goer any more! “ (Boris Salibov, “ Composition “)

In this regard my first council . It is possible and even, probably, it is necessary to use reference books and to read already written compositions well to write own. But “ to skatyvat “ from there it is not necessary: just like that you will not find rather good works in addition if you read the composition and you want to rewrite from it couple of phrases, it means that, fast everything, the huge number of people to you did the same, and as much again will make then. Let such reference books will become for you the management “ As it is not necessary to write “.

Try to think in a different way. Try to use unusual phrases. Only be not overzealous. Remember that Saltykov-Shchedrin helping grammar-school boys to cope with house creative work, once himself also received “ neud “. Always reason the opinion. Look at work from the points of view, you are unique and your opinion is simply obliged not to coincide with opinion of the majority, correctly?

Second council. Behind rushes of creativity should be not forgotten what actually from you is wanted. The main thing is to open a subject. Sometimes it is useful to formulate for himself a composition subject as a question which you will answer. For example, if the subject sounds as “ The Problem of “necrosis“ of soul in the novel of “Fiascos“, a question will sound so: “ In what a problem … “. Very often pupils begin to retell the text instead of analyzing the necessary episodes.

Third council. the Composition, strangely enough, should begin to be written since the end. Then you will precisely designate what you have to bring as a result the reasoning to, and having written the main part, you will be able to write introduction that declared did not differ from what you as a result wrote.

Fourth council. have some about a practical side of a problem. The fact that in the composition words should not repeat and it is necessary to use as much as possible means of expressiveness, it is clear. But if you have to work not at home, it is useful to remind himself difficult rules of Russian (one and two N of votglagolny adjectives and participles, a pra - and at - in adjectives, etc.) ; look in dictionaries of modern Russian at writing of new words from economy and policy - at final examinations at schools and entrance tests in higher education institutions not literary, but publicistic texts exactly on this subject are applied.

If you write houses, then are not lazy to consult a dictionary of synonyms: there interesting words which you know can get, but could forget. Very good website - of www. gramota. ru

Fifth council. Choosing a subject, do not deliberate long. “ Yours “ the subject is “ love at first sight “. However, if you cannot at the right time will address the text, that is if you write the composition not of the house, then it is necessary to choose work which was remembered most of all - without support on the text the composition cannot be written in general.

Sixth council. It is similar to the first. Before you a blank sheet, and nobody will be able to write on it the same, as you; identical people do not exist! But for some reason the one who checks compositions falls asleep on the third notebook - all same, from year to year. And you could read not the most interesting work from year to year, tens of times? And the poor teacher has to. You know how he will be delighted if he sees your think, but not the strangers who long ago became the general?

Seventh council. Well, and the last. When you only read work, listen to the teacher or read opinions on this work, try after to distract. Think over the covered problem: what do you think of it? Perhaps in your life there is something similar? For certain you have about it the thoughts, in a different way and cannot be. Independently comprehending works, you protect yourself from standard understanding of the text in advance, at once develop own point of view.

Yes, how many you read the article “ How to write compositions? “ it is better to write you will not become if do not want. Nobody can give to you such advice, having read which, you will begin to write on “ perfectly “. Nevertheless, I hope that my article presented you self-confidence and the forces and at least partly helped you. Good luck!