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Anime “ Death Note? What is it?

of the Anime - Death Note (Death Note)

the Genre: HORROR

Language (sound. path): Rus/Jap

Subtitlings: Rus

Year of release: 2006

Director: Tetsuro Arahi

Death Note (yap. デ ス ノ ー ト Desu No:to, “ Death Note “) - originally Japanese manga which is thought up Tsugumi Ob and the drawn Takesi Obata.

formed the basis of a plot philosophical idea: “ Whether It is possible to achieve the benefit for one people by murder of others? “. The author thought up original history in which the essence of what could be with the world if the person could kill with impunity one people it is better to make life of others is captured. The author considers reaction as murderer, his motives and desires, and reaction of society to actions of the murderer. But also the author emphasizes that if you are a person and you wish to the whole world of the benefit - there will always be the one who will want to prevent you. But it is only the first, most noticeable layer of a plot. Far more deeply and more important other thought - about love of power which forces out from consciousness of the main character all other aspirations, including justice, initially important for it, is.

Young Yagami Layt finds the lost Death Note. With enthusiasm the young man decides to change the world. Writing down names of criminals in a notebook, it relieves the world of the evil. People exult, but the police does not sleep and is eager to catch the murderer! Kira (Light) is cunning - the police not to find it in forces! Therefore, the police decides to join the best detective story L. Layt wants to kill a detktiv, but does not know his name that is very important for murder (recording of a name in Death Note). Kira and L try to expose each other. Yagami carefully hides the Kirov essence from police and the detective story L at the same time helping the father to carry on an investigation, L - carefully looks for that to Cyrus, suspecting that Layt also is Kira … Everything takes its course. And suddenly c of the sky plops down the second notebook! Also gets to hands to the girl by the name of Amane Misa! And on light becomes one Kira more … The plot gets confused even more, it becomes more interesting.

Here several reviews of this anime.

Re:ofigitelnoye of an anime! I advise all! ^^

of Re:L, forward!!!!! !! xD

Re:ya I cannot live more so! I watch seven series in day! oo

In the annex to an animated cartoon also movies are.


the First movie duration - 126 minutes:


the Second movie duration - 141 minutes

Several facts:

on January 10, 2007 anime and manga “ Death Note “ were licensed for the edition in the territory of the USA by the VIZ Media company. From - for huge popularity “ Death Note “ this fact did not stop many fansaber.

on October 12, 2007 " company; MEGA - the Anime “ declared acquisition of the license for the Russian edition of series “ Death Note “. The release of series in Russia is planned in the spring of 2008.

In June, 2008 a komapaniye “ Comix - ART “ the manga - series " declared acquisition of the license for the Russian edition; Death Note “. An exit of the 1st volume of the edition is planned for September, 2008.