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How to secure itself against fish parasites?

what fish - the most valuable foodstuff, is known to all. It source lung a squirrel, invaluable minerals, vitamins and irreplaceable nonsaturated fatty acids without which in any way not to do to " cores;. But also the fact that fish - a source of the hidden danger is undoubted. About it we were convincingly told in a series of articles by Vladimir Mao. And all - nobody is going to refuse fish. To replace it, unfortunately there is nothing.

Whether there is in our menu completely safe fish ? No. At the household level it is considered that sea fish is less struck. Perhaps, and was once, but for the last years this postulate is exposed to serious criticism.

For example, the Atlantic treskovy breeds of fishes are almost completely struck with larvae of roundworms, generally anizakid recently. The deep freezing will help to get rid of them, but it is put not always into practice.

Public health services claim that is safe the fish who passed a veterinary control . Alas, it is right only partly. As for the fish bought from casual persons or caught independently - it is better to refuse her use. In the West long ago came to such conclusion. Sports fishing comes to an end with photography with a trophy and return of fish to a reservoir not only for the love of the nature.

To reduce risk, take yourself for the rule in kitchen never to put crude fish near other products, especially, ready to the use. Cutting of fish can be made the knife which is only separately intended for this purpose and a chopping board. Places, wet after fish, should be wiped with soda or means for washing of ware.

Fresh fish spoils very quickly . On a heat even salting right after fishing sometimes does not rescue it. Couple of hours - also write was gone. At the room temperature period of storage is no more than twelve hours, in the freezer of the household refrigerator at a temperature minus eight degrees - two days. In a deep freeze temperature is lower, to minus 25 degrees, fish can be stored in such conditions about two months.

Observance of simple of rules of culinary processing will help to be saved from fish parasites . It is necessary to cook fish not less than 15 - 25 minutes after boiling. As much and to fry on a frying pan, previously having cut carcasses on thin pieces. If crude fish - a stuffing for pie, then it is necessary to bake it in any way not less than an hour.

Salts when salting fish there have to be not less than 20 percent from her weight. At such concentration parasites in small fish (10 - 20 grams) perish already through three - four days, in fish is powerful to kilogram - in ten days, weighing up to two kilograms - in two weeks.

Excess of salt influences taste of fish, but her shortcoming can lead to serious consequences. It is known that sun-dried fish is well prosalivat at first within two weeks, and then hung out for drying. Sometimes dry light-salted fish. So really it turns out more tasty, but to the detriment of safety.

In the course of a pickles, the vyaleniye, smoking and heat treatment is better to refrain from preliminary tests . Completely fish is disinfected only by the time of full readiness.

Tasty crude fish dishes , slightly processed vinegar or salt, such as a hake, the pseudo-balyk and a stroganina - are potentially dangerous if for their preparation the fish caught in a usual reservoir is used. An exception - the fish who is specially grown up under supervision of veterinarians for whose feeding artificial forages were used.

And the last: do not think that the organism of a cat or dog copes with parasites better than human. Crude fish trifle - ill turn not only for barsik and balls, but also their owners. Having got sick, pets become carriers of dangerous diseases and promote their distribution.

Follow simple rules and be not ill.