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If until recently the psychotherapy was almost in full uncertainty, then at the moment this type of psychological activity is very widespread. A large number of people comes to psychotherapists, seeking consolation and healings. But as the majority of therapists or are not familiar with the church doctrine, or do not wish to use it in the work, the psychotherapy for sincerely believing people remains unacceptable. In this regard the special orthodox course of treatment of spiritual diseases which is based on the principles of the church doctrine was developed.

It is known that Christianity, namely Orthodoxy, owns huge psychotherapeutic potential . Its main objective is in curing the person, having directed him to God. It was evolved by the new direction in psychotherapy - orthodox psychotherapy. It is used in treatment of people for whom belief, the hope and a prayer can become the only rescue. The basic psychological elements is release of mind from negative thoughts and the direction of the personality in an optimism position.

Treatment happens step by step.

At the first stage of people has to realize that the most important in life is not the physical (material) state, namely spiritual perfection. The faith in the Lord is necessary for healing of soul, and the church doctrine - a way on which there has to be a person to reach spiritual balance.

At the second stage occurs acceptance of an illness . Only having realized the illness it is completely possible to accept it. I do not doubt that most of modern Christians do not realize the spiritual state. Only knowing the soul, it is possible to mourn it (I. Vlasokh It is right. - I Art. 185).

Acceptance of an illness happens by the principle: everything in life occurs at will of the Lord. And if God allowed that there was a certain misfortune, then it is necessary to accept completely it and to reconcile. The Lord sends tests not stronger, than we can sustain, and it is very possible that these tests will bring experience and courage which will be necessary in the future.

Third stage the most important and the most difficult. It consists in clarification of thoughts. In thoughts the feeling of injustice, offense on life, complaint about the destiny is most often covered. Consequences of such thoughts is the feeling of oppression, depression, fear. Quite often in the first months after serious misfortune people in general refuse to believe in God.

Treatment of thoughts is based on elimination of the reasons which lead to emergence of negative sinful thoughts. To the person help to understand that any sin begins with thought. As it was mentioned above, constantly complaining about the problem, the person leads himself into a sin because thereby he complains about the Lord. Therefore any emergence of such thoughts needs to be stopped by their constant control.

There is nothing worse, than all the time to be given to despair, constantly thinking of the misfortune. Of course, to keep the thoughts pure, it is necessary to address constantly in a prayer God. In such a way the attention from own gloomy opinions and self-accusations turns away.

People with long corporal injuries especially need a prayer. Quite often God is the only thing to whom they completely unburden the heart. In a prayer of such people humility has to be observed.

It is very good if the person agrees to ask not what he wants from the Lord, and what according to the Lord is necessary for him. It means that the person accepted the illness, and now he completely relies upon will of God.

In combination with spiritual treatment it is recommended on - opportunities to be engaged in active work. Deepening in work helps to overcome a depression.