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What are women able to do better than men?

Now phrase You - as Caesar: you do several things at the same time will improbably sound. And all because men are the researchers studying abilities of the person gave the first place on possession of this unique ability to women. The man, appears, is not capable to do at the same time several things so that at the same time quality did not suffer. And women can.

Researchers of the European institute CRS - Research studied men and women of Great Britain, France, Holland, Germany and Spain. It appeared that the European women can study at the same time with concentration the e-mail on the Internet, speak at the same time by phone, check homework at the child, and also be engaged in an epilation.

At the same time men can do something one of the listed things, except an epilation, naturally, and as soon as there is a need to start performance something else, panic.

It is necessary to tell that to draw similar conclusions, it was not obligatory to conduct researches moreover and in five countries. Would be to glance in the evening in one of ordinary Russian families enough. Here to you picture.

Our neighbors - a family of five people: mother, father and three daughters. In the evening I call on and I see: mother cooks in kitchen borsch for tomorrow, at the same time answers questions of a quiz on the TV and brings order to the refrigerator. The senior daughter at herself in the room makes the paper at the computer, at the same time corresponds in to ICQ with the friend from Germany moreover also speaks by phone with the girlfriend. The average daughter walks with younger, along with it hangs out the washed linen and drives hens into a hen house. The younger daughter walks with average, along with it feeds a cat with cookies and builds a lodge in a sandbox. What is done at the same time by the father? The father sits and just watches TV.

Yes I also do not represent how it is possible just to sit down and watch TV. I should knit, watch at the same time the magazine or at least to draw something.

And business here not that men us can worse disperse the attention. Just men are able to afford only one business, and we, women, no. It turns out that even in the free time at us it is obligatory to eat some duties in a stock. Probably, for this reason we so toil, having appeared in the compelled inaction - in turn, in the subway, at a stop. We feel uncomfortably, without doing anything. We so did not get used.

By the way, perhaps, purely Russian phenomenon " is also explained by it; grandmothers at an entrance . The woman, having appeared on pension if it was not loaded at the same time grandchildren at full scale, just does not know where to apply herself. Here also undertakes a duty to observe moral shape of neighbors.

Also you know that? It is good! It is fine that we do not have no minute of rest. Rate of life, its constant rhythm, its current is so more accurately felt. So there is that feeling of participation with the world. So there is a feeling that you live . And not somewhere on boondocks of Destiny, and directly in the center of life.

Here what global conclusions were drawn by me from small European research.