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Whether men love compliments?

If you think that only women are greedy for flattery, then strongly you are mistaken. There are still such dinosaurs who so think? Evolve rather!

It is known that the man - the hunter. That is, all life - a pursuit of production, all life - fight. Including with the complexes. Sometimes it seems to me that the male body is more perfect, than female. Well, have a look at their smooth elastic buttocks, at this torso, courageous features. And put on on them a uniform - any will not resist.

But as far as they are courageous, so and are vulnerable. Yes, the fact proved. And they not less women need support and especially - compliments. I would argue with the phrase The Way to heart of the man lies through a stomach . You never know that you fatten him, and the tender word and a cat is pleasant. The more often you will praise it, the it will become more appeasable. I do not warrant for all men, but the majority are given instantly.

1. The main thing - roughly you do not flatter. They feel substitution at once. If you want to elicit what, it is possible and to make up, however men prosenut such maneuvers at once. Time - two will be moved, and then release, dear . But is also such to which this game is pleasant eternally.

2. Always you praise it for progress at work. you its back, true and reliable. The man the woman does, and practically he is always obliged by the achievements on service to its support.

3. Kiss it more often and tenderly you look in the face. the Look and touches are very important. Concern an ear and whisper: What you at me remarkable . If asks why it it such all from yourself, be not started up in long explanations. It to you not a price - a leaf of its qualities. And you will begin to list that and it will turn out that it seems as you love for something, but not just like that .

4. Forget about a baby talk. you My God to be started up Upasi in mus - pus - they fly into a rage from such laskatelno - diminutive epithets. Hare kitten solnyfko and other masterpieces are good only sometimes and in the necessary quantity. He is nevertheless a man, so let will be a lion, eventually. It is important to it to feel it.

5. Surely you praise it before his friends. In - the first, it will be pleasant to it, and in - the second, and your status will rise in their estimation. And it is very important to win respect of his friends. Only before the girlfriends be not overzealous - still who knows will take notice of it treasure . It is necessary to you?

6. By the way, about the mother-in-law. Admire her son in an occasion and without, for eyes and in eyes. You thank her for such godsend. But you remember one - do it sincerely. Mothers they a scent feel falseness. Therefore if you before it a nightingale sing, and beloved poyedy eat houses, then one miss - and you on a penalty - a bench. Then nothing will help to restore trust. Respect his mother - it is the best compliment to the man.

7. About a bed to speak or it is not necessary? knows All long ago: to praise, praise and to praise once again! With any Artur Pirozhkov we do not compare, in general to anybody ! Oh, you are better my former it do! Told such words? You can safely go to a stall - hay you will not be given long. Men are not ready to hear from us the truth whatever it was even if really your male is better former. There is now only it, and there are no former.

8. In general you treat compliments with humour. However not all men can adequately estimate it. Some take offense as children small, on your jokes. More accurately...

9. I will sum up: the man needs to be praised. Axiom.

10. And who thought up what rules there have to be 10?

... We speak with my man by phone. It always blushes when I praise it. At the same time playfully mutters: Well you miiiily, you confuse me . But I - that know that on that end of a wire of people which has a smile upon the face, spots of sunlight in eyes and the ocean of tenderness now to the woman who does not stint a praise and caress. These minutes it puts a bolt on the complexes, straightens shoulders and it is proud to me declares: I am your Lev! . But whether I tried to obtain it?