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You mail are Plyushkina offended? In protection of all plyushkiny the world!

Plyushkin are to you not just like that! Plyushkin - this vital credo! Response to Zhanna Magini`s article: How not to become Plyushkin? by

It is devoted to my beloved mummy!

There now. For no reason at all, me Plyushkina called. But I am engaged only in virtual (file) moneymaking. And in life not sobiratelstvy,-. Unless sometimes there I Come back home

somehow in the evening from work - and in to a prikhozhka the huge cellophane package costs, up to the top filled by old belongings from the uninhabited room. The daughter to me so speaks gently: Mothers, you, the main thing, do not look, I will take out a bag on a garbage can. Let bomzhik will be glad! . Indeed, why to deprive of people of the only pleasure in life? I also did not look (on an ear: but there was a strong wish, hardly constrained itself ) .

Here who it is valid Plyushkin so it is my mother. And plyushkin, specializing in two directions: books and jars.

~ Books ~ They are stored by

in boxes and on shelves, in a bookcase and even on a wardrobe (in the close neighbourhood with the hangers filled with clothes). And not only books, but, and the press of times of the developed socialism and various reorganizations. I dream sometimes: here I will go home, in the summer, to mother on a visit, I will remove all this wealth with shkapa from boxes I povynimat, from shelves I postaskivat I will blow off dust and I will bury in them utrobno, I will plunge on most I do not want in the sea of the turned yellow pages, old events and photos of color of sepia. Underground archives have just a rest! It is especially interesting to read newspapers and magazines of last years. The occupation familiar since students and reminding of the long hours spent in university libraries before examinations.

And works of fathers of Marxism-Leninism? Heap of volumes (made a helpless gesture) - here on what it was possible plyushkiny to gambol thoroughly. Hm. To whom is it necessary now? Everything is forgotten - buried and is covered with dust. And Big Soviet Encyclopedia? And Small? Were Plyushkina centuries past - samootverzhets kept force for history - silenny to material! Moshcha! And you: Throw out, throw out! Yes not for the world! For any steering-wheels!

Leaving summer vacation on a visit at the grandmother, I just adored visiting small provincial library: a close formation of shelves with the books which are accurately placed according to the author`s alphabet, paper birochka But most of all the niche near a reception in which put the books which are recently returned by the reader attracted - they were just not managed to be classified still. And what read and always reads our people? Yes the same: detective stories, a fantasy, novels, there is a little history and jokes for a sugreva. By the way, I remind: on the website Life exists system of bookmarks. Walk - you will not regret!

My bookmarks - green on the right in the form of the reference. Everyone plyushkin (we will not point a finger, but nevertheless we will put out the tongue at it!) already selected and zalinkat to itself the best. Rummage, maybe, what useful there and you will find. Why most - work to make that which to you already someone did? How many here on the website of everyone ponalozheno yes ponakladeno. Mother my native! Here where true - that paradise for inetovsky plyushkermana .

* Thought (alas, without washing): and what if to take and forbid the Internet, can then people in libraries to " again; live to books will return?

~ Jars ~

O them conversation special. They in the refrigerator at my mother on - family are so restricted (in quantity considerable!) . The honor - ogurechno - tomato, for their majesties all shelf top and still the place on a door and still " is allocated to brines; The Brine always it is useful - to freshen the nip after a holiday. In Russian cabbage soup to add and supets to acidify .

* My husband calls the son-in-law (the sister`s brother) and speaks (mummy, forgive!) : Tomorrow to you we send the mother-in-law. With itself to give jars?

* Joke: Why blondes so like to carry breakfasts in transparent boxes? - And it to see - they go to work or from work . I like to collect

Ya too - any boxes from candies and boots. It is necessary to pack into something sandwiches pies! Jars from - under mustard and horse-radish, coffee, marinated mushrooms; tin, glass, with covers and without. And suddenly tests should be made? Or cups in the house will not become... Glasses disposable - it is possible to store spices in them (having wrapped up with a plenochka, having intercepted an elastic). Kulechki - bags - to turn, package. And how to live - that without them? Yes in any way.

Who does not agree with me, raise hands. Yes pull above, and that otsyudova it is bad to see!


This Plyushkin who is he, the right?

Is raised by a vital poison,

a fruit of money-making, defect! Reserve

money for the future.

any whim is subject to Them:

of a belonging, a zhrachka, furniture, Anything with yourself - luggage

do not take a sweet to

, for God`s sake!

of Plasticity of a card useful

Waits for a chest - such, iron.

everywhere it Will be glad to it.

the ATM - kopilkin the brother.

Laughter - laughter, but here, you watch that I found in literaturno - the philosophical magazine Top wasps : Psychological archetypes in Dead souls N. V. Gogol. Author Sergey Ruchko. To write so refined at me all the same it will not turn out therefore I quote as is. Pleasant reading!

Dead souls It is possible to call Gogol without ceremony the first textbook on psychology in which psychological archetypes were precisely defined.

The author embodied in Plyushkin what ordinary defines the miser, at which word virtue and rare properties of soul it is possible to replace with success the words economy and order . Though from such thrift in economy and in aspiration to an order for some reason the landowner`s serfs, being put into words Sobakevich, die as flies . The biggest crop of dead souls was reaped by Chichikov, exactly, at Plyushkina: 200 pieces. Actually, devoting the head Plyushkina, Gogol stipulates that Plyushkin was not born Plyushkin, and became that in the course of the existence. First it was a person enterprising and hardworking; possessed mind, others came to it to learn to economy and wise avarice . But all in a flash, failed, and Plyushkin remained alone, vegetating the life as an earthworm.

Gogol is our everything. It is the planet to which for last one and a half centuries after his death so still nobody rose. To be more exact, his soul aching and tormented rose by absolutely inaccessible height. If you castigate the soul, - Sartre said, - all souls will be begun to yell . It was also done by Gogol and for this reason our souls are cried out together with his soul; which depth - is eternal and infinite He wrote from the point of view of huge love to the person; especially, to the person small. The compassion and splashes extensively in all its works by love for the neighbor. In effect, the great Russian pessimist could make the main thing: to love defects of the neighbor.

It what it turns out? Plyushkin - that, appears, not only loved economy, but also an order. Pure to you standard wise avarice - enterprising, clever, hardworking and infinitely lonely. So can it, the little man, it is necessary to love, but not to blame? You - that as think?

* From the song (which is incidentally heard on radio): now one I lie embracing a shadow on a wall . It is necessary, che people get up! not to re-read

A to all of us together Dead souls ? What you will tell? I, personally, already went to swing.

~ Instead of an epilog ~ In vain only on mother slandered

. Hardly finished article as she calls me in the evening. It became a shame to me, it was necessary to confess to the offense: Stated you in the article - I speak. For what? - asks. Indeed, there is nothing. As it appeared, it all old press with shkapa at the end of summer on a wastebasket published. What for?! - I am indignant - Yes you swore! - And jars? - What jars? - I feel, my mother " smiles; Well also you will think! - I calm - New we will gather. How many that life, ma! .

And your mothers too plyushkina? Or you not in them were born?

P. S. Sekond - a henda, sorry, I do not love. Brrr! And suddenly these clothes from mertvyak shot? Besides, power alien to us Also began to smell some perishable there, stale as in cellars, any cologne then you will not bring him.

* Joke: You Represent, today again hooligans attacked me! - And what? You, as always, kept silent? - Sure. Still the grandfather taught me - it is necessary to kill exactly so much how many you will be able to eat .