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How to be adjusted on a good luck wave, or the Magic power of affirmation.

You want to receive a lot of money, to enjoy life, to become happier and favourite? Actually it is not so difficult. It is necessary to use the wonderful force of affirmation only.

What is affirmation? These are short positive statements which if to repeat them day after day in large quantities time, come true. Remember the heroine of Irina Muravyeva who constantly repeated that she The Most charming and attractive in the movie of the same name. It is also an affirmation.

Already there is a set of cases which really prove force of affirmation and help the person to be adjusted on a good luck wave. For example, Valery Sinelnikov one fine day took and thought up to himself... wife! He thought up her eyes, appearance, a figure, a name, habits and even an occupation. And how you think?

Such girl really soon appeared. They got married and now they have three children. And the positive thinking helped Valery Sinelnikov of much to achieve Affirmation with life. Earlier he was an ordinary therapist from the Russian remote place. Coding did not cope with its predisposition to alcohol even. And now Valery Sinelnikov became the solid and wealthy person. He lives in the Crimea in very picturesque place, writes books, works on creation of School of health and pleasure.

Other case, not less indicative. Louise Hey was born in a family of the laundress. In five years she was raped. At it not only the health, but also mentality was affected. Since the childhood it was abused, beaten. But one fine day she married the millionaire. And, it seems, it seemed that everything is simply remarkable, but in two years the husband threw it, and after a while Louise found out that it has a cancer.

As the fates decree once it appeared at the lecture devoted to positive thinking. Life changed. In three months the illness left it. Today Louise Hay lives in the remarkable house with a garden which she once to herself thought up. It is rich and known. The many people from all America, Australia, Europe are paid by hundreds of dollars to hear its affirmation.

Valery Sinelnikov and Louise Hay`s life proves that the positive thinking yields surprising results. And thanks to permanent job with subconsciousness by means of affirmation it is possible to restore the lost health and to provide fine destiny to any person!

I can give to you cases from the life when affirmation really helped me. I entered the institute on one of 10 free places. I wanted the car, represented how I will go by it where I will put, and the godmother suddenly presented us the car. Unless it is not surprising?!

That affirmation worked, they have to be directed to some concrete aspect of your life. For example, on welfare increase, strengthening of health, improvement of the relations with people around and so on. Use each opportunity in order that at least during two - three minutes to pronounce aloud or about themselves the positive statement.

Repeat them when you walk with a dog when you watch TV, you make a dinner, you clean up in the house. Let they will become part you, part of your internal voice. The best time for affirmation - minutes when you just woke up, and just before a dream. At these moments your brain is most susceptible therefore force of phrases increases several times.

Louise Hey recommends to say affirmation in front of the mirror, looking to herself favourite in eyes. It is possible to hang out posters - affirmation, thereby constantly reminding itself of the dream, the purpose. One woman so wanted the car that it cut out the car from the magazine and pasted the photo to the picture. She pasted the paper machine to a mirror, and every day remembered the dream. What her surprise when in several months at work it was raised was and gave an award that she could afford and buy such car.

Different people use affirmation differently - one read them aloud, others silently, one do it in the morning or even at dawn, others at any time when there is opportunity, using each free minute when thoughts are not busy with any problems. Already to solve it only to you.

I hope, you will be helped by my councils! I wish good luck!