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How I took the first step to own business?

So, I very much want to become financially independent and independent. To me bothered to look back constantly at opinion of the family on my acts, but while I have no own housing and I live with parents, differently and cannot be.

It is clear, that purchase of housing requires a lot of money. To earn them, working in an average paid position, it is unreal. For this reason I tried honestly to answer myself a question: What do I am able to do best of all? . The answer it appeared two: to prepare and write. On cooking you will not make business as to cook in conditions of small kitchen is one, and to here head restaurant - it another is perfect. Others both scales, and requirements, and abilities too.

An exit one - to become the successful writer. What for this purpose it is necessary to me? I open one of those books which in a huge number plow Internet open spaces, obnaroduya progress of wealth and happiness, and I read: your desire which has to be strong and not deceptive Reflected Whether really I want to become a writer? Work at them not dusty, it is not necessary to go to office, a salary from development Another story - whether I will be able? Caught sight next glamourous masterpiece . Well, I am worse I will definitely not write. Worse just there is no place. Means, my book has the right for existence.

advise Further books not to descend from the planned distance at all even if not everything turns out at once. In my case it is quite difficult as if do not pay for writing, then it is necessary to earn on bread by something another. But I will try to adhere to the planned course. Remembering

famous Ford`s words on the fact that it is necessary to look into the future of own business only with optimism, I held for myself a session of auto-training and began to believe that I sometime, soon, will become the famous writer sacredly.

advise Further books to find the starting capital. In my case I should be spent unless for payment of the Internet To the first circulation still oh, how far. Still specialists advised to pay attention to the competition. What - what, and the competition in literary business not to occupy. All who feel like it write. And, generally female novels. And, men even. Therefore I will not write female novels. I will write children`s fairy tales. I will become our Russian Astrid Lindgren. As a last resort, will be that at bedtime to read the daughter.

my Following step if to trust the book - the self-instruction manual, has to be a right choice of partners. Why to me partners? To check mistakes? Or we will be as Anne and Serge Golon: one thinks out - another registers? No, so it is not pleasant to me. It then will be two famous writers, and I am not going to share glory!

Read - I read the magic book, and did not find the most important: when to work - to begin that? Over work? Everything is provided: and be ready to refusal, and eliminate competitors And here is how it is necessary to work to achieve success, nobody writes anywhere.

Sat down. Took the handle, a leaf. Then changed for the computer. I begin to model. What as a result will turn out - One man`s guess is as good as another`s. But I executed all rules of success about which it was told in the book so it has to turn out!