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How to make the business on the Internet successful? Reasonings teapot

So, you decided to begin the business on the Internet. Whichever there was your business by the nature of the offered services or goods, you have to know several important rules. Under each of the following principles successful the Internet - business all those who achieved in a network success and good profits can subscribe.

The first principle says: your goods will be on sale only when on it there is a demand. you, of course, can open the Internet - shop selling special literature on cultivation of rabbits in the conditions of permafrost. But whether you will have visitors? Not to mention buyers?

Respectively before beginning new business, it is necessary to study demand statistics. To make it quite simply, even without resorting to special methods. Gather in the searcher of the phrase to buy a cap from a felt-tip pen and to buy a lid from the cook - " Coca;. And now look in the bottom of the page of figure after the words Inquiries in a month: . What is written? 1 and 3? Draw a conclusion: on lids from a shipuchka demand is three times more, than on plastic caps from felt-tip pens.

The principle second says: offer a reality . People are not interested in foreign reflections for a long time on the fact that it is better for regiment - to buy or make under the TV. Users of a network, as polls and statistics of search queries show, interests: if to buy, then - where and how much and if to make most, then - as well as from what. For this reason your business only then will find the clients and admirers if offers people concrete answers to specific questions.

Principle third: be a cut above others . And it does not mean that registration of your page on the Internet has to be more fancy or more colourful. No. It has to be more original and more talented - only then will pay attention to you. The people who already achieved though some progress in a field the Internet - business will agree that in a network there is a great demand for talent and an independent way of thinking. All standard already bored stiff, even issued beautifully and richly. For this reason, gathering even small staff, give preference not to the acquaintances or friends who are not recommended or having a pathos portfolio, and that whose works personally you consider talented and fresh.

Principle fourth: if you do something, then do it best of all or do not do at all . Starting something, it is necessary to answer himself a direct question honestly: whether so well I am guided in this sphere and I own this skill to earn with it money? When on the Internet you meet the websites on cookeries which are engaged in a reprint of recipes from other, more interesting portals, you do not focus attention on them. You will tell what not everything is allowed to be the best. Of course. For this reason for creation of own business it is necessary to find that niche where the competition not so rigid where there is an opportunity to position itself in a network.

Principle fifth: a naming - it is important . Some consider that the name - it is not so important how many contents. You are mistaken! The name of your website is that first impression which leaves a print concerning users to a resource on all further cooperation. Not for nothing speak: As you will call the yacht, so it also will float . Personally I can list several sonorous names of the websites which took the lawful place in the " folder; Favourites my browser only because their names were remembered to me more than the others.

Of course, all these principles do not cancel such concepts as professionalism, responsibility and diligence which, actually, and are the main components of success. And not only for the Internet - business, and in general for any professional activity. The knowing people say what the main thing - to begin. And further, if to lean on above-mentioned postulates, everything will go like clockwork.