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Whether the truth that the admiral Nelson lost both an eye, and a hand in battles?

on September 29 all progressive England and all who are not indifferent to flotovodchesky talent of the admiral Horatio Nelson, will solemnly note 250 - the anniversary from the date of its birth. So many years separate us from that event when in the small settlement Burnham - Thorp, the County of Norfolk, was born the baby who will bring to the homeland glory, lady Hamilton of the ardent lover, and the Soviet platform a smash hit in which there are words: I am your admiral Nelson

Many interesting stories are connected with the admiral. But about everything one after another. So, Horatio in the parson`s family was born, and in the first years very much regretted that his uncle, but not the father, is the glorified captain, the hero of Seven years` war. Prayers and services not really - that impressed the emotional boy, he literally raved by sea, but to disobey the father who demanded from it diligence, at least at school, - would mean a terrible sin, and did not want to have a reputation for the sinner Horatio in any way plowed

of the Sea from 12 years

However, he stayed in school not for long. Once, when he was 12 years old, to them on a visit there arrived that uncle - the hero who, though not without effort, but persuaded the brother to release the nephew with himself. So the boy was accepted by the ship`s boy on the ship of the uncle Maurice Saklinga.

The sea campaign was planned in far Vest - India, and only by miracle did not become the last for the ship`s boy Nelson. On the way back it cruel fever struck. Several days it provalyalsya delirious, and the captain Sakling was in time more than once is damned himself for the fact that tried to persuade the brother-in-law to release with himself the boy. And once, again - delirious, Horatio suddenly saw how heaven yawned, and in the sky the bright aura began to shine. It is a sign! - started dying, - if I survive, then it is obligatory for a camp the hero and I will serve England!

The young organism won against an illness when they returned to England, Nelson - younger was though was very weak, but did not refuse the following expedition. And it was even more abruptly - in polar waters. And nobody refused to the guy, nodded on his age supposedly to you still there are no 15 years

By that moment when he needed to take examination for the lieutenant`s rank, Horace was already skilled seaman, had nearly seven years of ship service behind shoulders. Whether it is necessary to say that it was brave, courageous, never gave in to panic. It was brightly shown in war with North American colonists in which the young lieutenant succeeded. I do not know whether Americans remember it?

Dysentery nearly deprived England celebrities

In the next year 20 - summer Nelson received under command a brig, and in 1779 - a frigate. Old residents did not remember similar fast sea career in those days. And in 1780 providence rescued it for the second time: participating in expedition on the river San - Juan, in Honduras, he was dysentery seriously ill, and several weeks was on the verge of life and death. As Nelson joked then: I dreamed to die as the hero, and nearly died of a diarrhea

But the destiny was mercy to future admiral. Though did not cease to test it for durability. So, during service in Vest - India where it conducted desperate fight against smuggling, to it, as well as Vereshchagin from the movie White sun of the desert was For the power offensively! . It led to a set of the conflicts, everything concealed shared between smugglers and high officials from the Admiralty. Obstinate Nelson in three years was moved away from Vest - India, but he came back home not one, and with the spouse - Fanny Nisbet, and the stepson Joshua.

Whether there was this love match or by calculation - we hardly recognize precisely. Most likely, did not do without love, the enviable bachelor Nelson could choose to himself any girl, both rich, and poor. Fortuna thanked Horatio for this choice in a familiar way: Joshua rescued the stepfather in the summer of 1797 when Nelson participated in battle at the Spanish island of Tenerife.

The stepson rescued the stepfather

the Naval commander was confident in the forces and attacked Spaniards when they were prepared for it and had a certain advantage. Under storm fire British were forced to recede. Horatio who never bowed to bullets stopped at nothing, and the Spanish case-shot killed to him the right hand. He, most likely, would die from blood loss, but the stepson laid the stepfather on a bottom of the boat and hardly tied up a hand silk handkerchiefs, than stopped blood loss.

It under storm fire took out Nelson on the flagship by which the local doctor remorselessly right there snipped off all hand, it was the only chance to rescue wounded

Thus, Nelson became twice a disabled person: in 1794 when he ordered a landing on Corsica, at a siege of fortress of Calvi he was wounded in the right eye which did not manage to be restored. But I ran a little forward: coming back in a year 1787 - y, I can tell that officials of the Admiralty did everything possible to forget about obstinate Nelson. From 1787 to 1992 the person who could not live without the sea spent five years ashore, and again was popular only after the beginning of military operations against France in 1793 If to speak about the principles which were applied by Nelson during development and the management of operations then they in something surprisingly reminded

To win against Science Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. The same most attentive attitude towards the private, careful study of each action, calculation, ability to teach each sailor to his maneuver in fight

of the Relation the admiral Nelson - lady Hamilton strongly of an idealizirovana

However, I do not set a task to tell all about Nelson. I will tell only one: the relations between him and lady Hamilton with whom he, by the way, got acquainted being on treatment after amputation of a hand, were not such romantic and air as various novelists and poets described. And he did not throw the wife, it would be disgraceful after the stepson saved to it life. We got the relations of the admiral and his beloved fairly idealized.

But me there is a wish to tell one more interesting episode taking place after Horatio Nelson`s death which happened on October 21, 1805 at the Spanish Cape Trafalgar. When sailors and officers of the deserted English squadron wanted there was to throw a body of the dead of the admiral overboard as ordered the sea charter of England, they finally decided to check whether made to Nelson the will. The small sheet of paper with clumsy handwriting (Horatio did not get skilled at to write plainly with the escaped left hand) reported that the admiral wishes to be buried in the homeland.

Fortunately, by the ship there was a huge wine cask where placed a body of the dead, previously having drunk wine. Then the barrel with the dead man to the brim was filled in with cognac and caulked up Honor

in three months this a ballot box with a body arrived to the English port Greenwich. And from the oak boards which became a temporary tomb of the admiral, enterprising contemporaries did souvenir boxes which their descendants sell still