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How Theodor Roosevelt became the hero of the world of toys and how today in this world not to get lost?

Perhaps are an example of how kindness is capable to materialize?! There is no wish to believe that this simple combination of circumstances: the act of the politician generated an image which is more than hundred years old.

He is very soft, but stands on the own two feet, he is a stronghold of the whole branch and even admitted the progress engine! It is so many-sided that, perhaps, now is near you! Turn the head: here it settled down on a sofa - a teddy bear!

The fluffy engine of progress

B 1902 the U.S. President Theodor Roosevelt on hunting spared a bear cub, this act was violently discussed in the press. Articles were followed by drawings and caricatures, on one of them the bear cub with Teo`s face was so amusing that a certain owner of toy store (by the way, the native of Russia) created his fur similarity for a show-window. And the toy was bought right there, it was necessary to sew new. To bear cub named Teddie, and Roosevelt gave on this consent.

All in a year the company on release of toy bear cubs was founded. Bear cubs induced industrialists to invent fabrics, safe for children, fur fabric, and also clockworks and electric batteries. The whole chain of characters, and today each kid reached for a bear, having rummaged in own stocks, will show you a small plush zoo.

Psychologists easily explain a phenomenon of a soft toy, having classified psychotherapeutic functions of plush animals. The woolen friend helps to overcome fears, for example, fear of darkness. Besides, a toy - the spiritual way of life transferring to the child information on the human relations and a peace arrangement. The soft toy teaches it to think of artistic images, promotes development of motility of hands. And, above all - bear cubs, hares, horses, burros and doggies give to the kid feeling of safety and love.

But hardly conclusions of psychologists will become the defining factor upon purchase of a toy. The choice is unpredictable as unexpected love. There is something magic in our ability to allocate with live contents a plush form! At the same time it is possible to speak about bilateral process: the hand of the artist gives the captivating image which is hotly expected by someone`s heart. To that, the soft toy is how various today, it is necessary only to be surprised. It is obvious that demand generated the huge industry fed by talent and inspiration. Everything is thought over and thought up!

Toys for kids

synthesis of simple images and bright paints predominates Here. The main practical factor - safety: especially strong seams, soft fillers, lack of accessories and small knots. It is possible to put ears, noses, pads on any trials. It is impossible to bite off something, but everything can be chewed or sucked, and having been tired of researches, to take a nap on a toy with full comfort.

For kids with the concept the whole armies of prototypes of cubs representatives of fauna are created. Naturalness and accuracy of transfer of an image, ability to allocate a small animal with character, selection of material do the part - each animal kid wants to be taken in hand and to consider. Young foxes, ducklings, owlets, an ezhata, little mice - absolutely live, eyes refuse to trust in their immovability. And children also do not trust, in their hands animals come to life, and you in shop will have only one problem - the choice, all cannot be bought at once.

Besides, a number of a toy, allocated with character , humanized, perhaps. Here a dog with huge eyes and the parting paws. At will of the designer it it will be always lazy to roll on a sofa. Do not try to put her: both the cut, and special freight - plastic grain - will make the business, the lazy dog always dozes, and opened eyes in a fright that you will intrude upon her leisure.

On the edge of the shelf the huge cat sits, the cunning muzzle of the fat man gives crafty character, and thick buttocks and thin pads do its pose hilarious. Besides having slightly touched the sly fellow, you will set to pads a movement rhythm, the squabbler will long stir and smile them to you, inviting to embrace and roll on a sofa.

Both material, and a cut, and a filler, and accessories work for an image here, but the imagination predominates, of course. The flying cat with the squealing motor, a shark - a moneybox (it is easy to hide wealth in a soft paunch), a bear cub - a backpack, a burro - a handbag for a pajamas and even the crocodile able to sit - designers know the business!

But the offer for children is not limited to it, they are waited by the section of prototypes of favourite fantastic heroes . Characters of books and movies, darlings and acquaintances, any size and at any price. By the way, in the price today toys interactive, that is able to communicate with the child. Hold both purses, and heart! The little panda, for example, will embrace with crying of your child, to smack the lips appetizingly during food, and then it is joyful to hum filling up. Its movements are natural, it literally looks live, it will be hard to leave it. And whether it is necessary?!

Toys for teenagers and adults

the " Soft toy; grew up not one generation of children, many of which probably also moved in toy designers. The others just visit shops on a habit - behind mood and support. Teenagers are not forgotten by producers of toys, any of them will be amused by a hare of creative color and a look. And to the friend, hours vanishing at the computer it is possible to present chatisa . Chatis there can be a hare or a dog, with eyes, a stone or carrot, red from tension, on a neck (it is impossible to leave for food, game does not release).

The opinion on children`s addressing of a toy is disproved long ago. And if you think that among buyers there are only languid young women, you are also mistaken. Moreover, perhaps, the toy on the shelf waits for you! Especially for the manager, angry conversation with the chief, thought up the soft character singing a lullaby. It is sewed so that willingly will take seat on your shoulder, it is necessary only to pull a string, and sweet purring will fill soul with optimism - the rag friend knows that any thunder-storm passes!

Darling should present urgently a hare in the form of heart, soft, darling, gentle it will not allow it to miss when you with friends again you will be gone on soccer.

The thought of materiality ideal, about an opportunity to buy certain feelings not of toy property, visits in modern toy store. But material has to prevail at the choice, to the meticulous buyer practical skills of the choice will never prevent . Pay special attention to the next moments:

- data on a label - age restrictions, the manufacturer, certification existence, a type of fabric, fur, structure of a filler (it can be synthetic down or radio fiber, and also plastic grain, granules or sand);

- external survey - reliability of fastening of accessories, quality of pile, uniformity of a filler, durability of seams, lack of a smell;

- existence of additional functions and their practicality (convenience of fastening, replacement of batteries, quality of locks etc.);

- a wear resistance guarantee - a possibility of washing and drying in house conditions.

But, most likely, the circumstance defining your choice everything is there will be a charm of the soft applicant for your heart, an attraction of his right rag soul.