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How to learn the dream embodiment in life?

Ya always believed that if very much to want something, then it will surely come true. All this, however, at least because it is valid and confirmation to it is my life and all that in it occurs. The main counter is that the fact that all we think of, everything that we represent - all this materializirutsya both bad and good is valid.

The fact that filling our life with good positive thoughts is important, we give the chance to be carried out to it and vice versa, thinking about bad, or enduring something unpleasant, we attract it with a new force in our life.

So, there are three fundamental laws of fulfillment of desires. And here the first of them is the law of an attraction , that is all we think of or what we want, all this comes to our life, and depends only on us what we think of and what we want.

Simple example: all of you heard a saying Money - to Money , that is if you are concentrated on something good and you wish it to all heart, then it surely occurs. Rich people do not think of poverty, do not think that they do not have enough money. They think that they have money and never say that they do not have them.

To tell the truth, business even not in money, they are only part of full-fledged happiness - material and spiritual. Do what brings you joy, think of good and imagine what you want to have, so, as if you already have it. And life will present you it. And the first law - the law of an attraction - will begin to work.

Sceptics will tell: Well, as, the next nonsense on the subject How to become happy . But the matter is that it is not nonsense and it is very important not to stop thinking about what you want, and not vice versa, as the second law - the law of the answer comes into force . Unknown forces begin to work, energy which do not need to try to be understood - they just work and work according to our thoughts. That is, life meets our requirements: it gives us what we want.

And now it is important to concentrate, for example, at good work which you want to receive. And it is unimportant when it occurs - tomorrow or in a year. It is important not to stop thinking about it, having cast away all negative thoughts like It is impossible or I have no necessary education as thinking badly ourselves to ourselves put a barrier, and it cannot be done at all. At least, good thoughts and desires has to be more...

And if day by day to think that you get this job, then thoughts will begin to be realized slowly from simple to difficult. To final result. And that it worked, it is important to carry out also the third law - the law of acceptance . That is, to accept desires so as if they were already executed. It is very important to make it because if you think I will not have this car, I have no money to buy it that so it will also be.

The negative thought will interfere with implementation of your dream. You did not forget yet that thoughts are material. And respectively, thinking that to you not to see this car, you really will not see it as you thought of it and laws worked according to your thoughts. That is why it is important to concentrate on good desire and to cast away all negative. Our life is what we think of...

You will tell: Well as so, I dreamed all life of own house on the seashore, and still I live in a communal flat! I will answer: here therefore lived in a communal flat that thought that the house on the seashore it something far and only over time you, probably, will live there. And the laws described above and worked, that is, there was only a feeling of far dream.

Here it is important to apply the third law - the most important, that is, to accept dream as the real come true fact and so it and it happens - only think of it and trust all heart, for a minute without doubting result.

I will give an example from own life. I wanted to live in warm climate that the sea was near... I lay in a bed and believed as if I already lie on the beach, I felt sand at hand, felt how bakes the sun as the weak breeze from the sea blows. And I fell asleep with such thoughts every night. And voila! - I live in Spain now, was at the sea, lay on sand - everything was as I represented. I am happy and rich. What and to you I wish!