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Way to health of

in 1933 Otto Vamburg proved that the oncology is an anaerobic process. Bezkislorodny. Cages begin to collapse when the structure of liquid around a cage changes. The cage begins to die. It found the recipe of longevity and treatment of oncology, but we for some reason went on the way of creation of some chemical therapies, radiations. What has with structuring a cage and water around and in a cage nothing in common. We slightly - slightly got lost on the way to health. Went some back streets. And today, when there are 23 000 types of diagnoses, almost a floor of one million medicines, quality of health from it did not improve, and on the contrary worsens? And every year children are born more and more weakly. Not that way to health means. A way to health - to that to return and realize that I have to do.

I of course do not know what plans at you for life, but every day you have to drink water, breathe air, eat. At the same time you have to have normal secretory processes. Then you will have a health of high quality. Knowledge of preservation of health had to be descended to us. It is parents had to teach us that to drink water - normal, live is just norm. It is just common sense. Because any mother cannot present to the children more precious, than her health and health of her children.

If to speak about the concept of health - that it consists of steps, of step-by-step actions too - conscious and reasonable. Everyday because our health will every day or worsen and will collapse or will begin to return itself force and energy. There is no other chance.

First step . To normalize internal environments. Our enzymes, and those which we accept with food and those which are developed by our organism these catalysts - effectively work in certain optimum conditions for their life. Usually violation of internal environments at us goes towards acidulation and if we just begin to use enzymes - efficiency will be low. Therefore the first that needs to learn is to drink water. Surely during this period it is necessary to connect enzymes. If you begin to accept enzymes in the first stage not during meal, and for one or one and a half hours to food, they have ability to destroy and remove that it is not necessary any more. And we need to give strength to be exempted to a cage and intracellular spaces from toxins.

Second step. Antiparasitic program. Who entered into culture and a way of life of the family two times a year preventively to be cleared of pathogenic flora? Did not teach! We give to the doggies and kitties glistogonny programs. Parasites in the same way get into us, and live at the expense of us. The main thing to find the program which would not kill parasites and created uncomfortable internal conditions and parasites will leave our organism. At this stage it is necessary to continue to drink water and enzymes. They decompose corpses of parasites who died directly at the exit and remove that they did not sit up in our organism. Because they will decay and poison in the same way us.

Third step. Restoration of friendly flora. Especially in intestines. These are friendly to us bacteria which produce vitamins of group B, bacteria which allow to acquire food which advance it. These are our assistants, without them it is impossible to live. The third stage - settling of friendly flora. During this period it is necessary immunomodulators to lift work of immune system - protective properties of our organism.

After we restored forces in an organism - we normalized internal environments, we got rid of pathogenic flora, occupied an organism friendly bacteria - made what allows us to breathe and live. Now it is necessary to clean all sewerage. That is to carry out complex clarification. It is necessary to clear first of all zheludochno - an intestinal path, especially small intestine. After that it is necessary to make a limfoochistka. Because the lymph is the same sewerage. The lymph in an organism is four times more than blood. Lymph nodes are trash cans in which in certain sites the lymph dumps toxins, poisons. And the organism has mechanisms of neutralization and a conclusion of it through sweat. And if we hammered a lymph? If lymph nodes inflamed what we begin to do? To cut out them! Present that in your yard trash cans are filled and they were taken and taken out. And new did not bring. You had less garbage? The garbage is the remains of process of your activity. No! Load of the next tanks or of the former place will just increase, but already without tanks and the garbage will accumulate all the same.

Limfoochistka is not so comfortable therefore she goes on the modes, cycles. Our organism lives cyclically and 10 days with hours are necessary, with a stop watch in beat it to carry out lives. But if not to make it, then these are your limfosistema, this your health, this your longevity.

Fourth step. After complex clarification again the period of restoration of friendly flora goes. We think that friendly flora somewhere there in intestines. It is visible only under a microscope. Some bacteria a thin plenochka sit. But the healthy person of friendly flora has to have 1,4 kg. It is huge body, it is huge system. Without it we cannot just live. When make us the diagnosis - the weakened immune status - it turns out what useful flora remained less than 400 gr. Before the organism will fight still, necessary for this purpose that you lived, for this purpose, that systems worked will squeeze out all. But it cannot be indefinitely. At the end - the ends everything begins to burst and burst. Therefore after any clarification surely there has to be a restoring stage.

And if after that you enter into culture of the family basic cellular food, clarification two times a year, you will drink water in enough - you really will become on the way of health and you will be grateful to yourself. Because nothing so pleases how a beautiful sound body, full of strength and energy. In the same way it is a chagrin source. The first chagrin - in the morning in a bathroom. Looked on himself in a mirror - and there at horror! Every year emotions less. And it is more chagrin. But it is possible to stop a lot of things and to correct. It is clear, that the woman who will not become more than 60 years 25 - summer. But if she gets rid of excess weight if density of her bone tissue increases if normally begins to work for it warmly - vascular system if it waking up will rejoice, will want to do something and to be useful - unless it not noteworthy?

Health is a quality of life. I hardly got up on an alarm clock, hating it. Came crawling home in the evening, knowing that it is necessary and and and - to eat, prepare, to wash, clean. But all this became hardly, skrepya teeth, the hope was on the day off. In day off it was necessary to make week norm. The hope was on holiday. In holiday it was necessary to bury vegetables for a year - to preserve them. It would not be bad to make repair. And so from year to year. Naturally, it did not add health. But the most awful is the fact that we - our generation - grew not at healthy. Constantly catarrhal diseases, allergies. But I met people who told me what I told here which helped me to become on this way - to realize, accept and begin to work because not only knowledge, and actions lead to result.

Our health depends only on ourselves. Neither from the Ministry of Health, nor from offices of doctors, nor from doctors, nor from the aunt - healers. Everything depends only on us, from that where we will go since tomorrow - towards health or towards an illness. What we will begin to take actions as far as they will be system as far as they will be constants as far as they will be conscious. It is necessary to stop thinking in general about treatment, it is necessary to think about health, of that how to stop processes of disorder how to strengthen health how to restore force and thirst of life.