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How to squeeze out of a lemon at most of advantage? I told part 2

In last article about how it is possible to use a lemon for beauty and health. I do not know whether you are surprised if I tell that on it useful properties of a lemon do not come to an end...

the Lemon in economy Deletes with


to remove an ink spot from a leather product, it is necessary to rub it the rag moistened with lemon juice.

If your child during drawing soiled clothes with a felt-tip pen, it is also easy to get rid of spots: lemon juice and small salt needs to be applied on a spot, to rub, and then to wash clothes in the usual way.

Lemon juice also relieves of blood spots on clothes.

But it is necessary to use a lemon carefully with delicate and color fabrics.

Deletes a rust

to get rid of a rust, try such way: apply lemon juice on a thing and strew with coarse salt. Then put a subject on the sun, and in several hours of a rust as happened!

Returns gloss to

to return gloss to metal pans, rub them a lemon peel on which there was a pulp, and then rinse with water. The surface of pans will become as a mirror!

Against a limy raid to

to get rid of a limy raid, is also helped by lemon juice. It needs to be applied on a surface and through some time to wash away water.

From ants and other insects by

If in your house got ants, do not panic! Grease with lemon juice them beloved places, and ants in literal sense will forget the road to your house.

Helps to keep fruit

If with fruit to put a lemon in a vase, then it will help to keep their freshness - fruit will not be spoiled ahead of time. But if to put a lemon to immature bananas, then they will ripen .

Cleans a cage

If in your house there live rabbits or hamsters, then you know how not easy sometimes to wash their cage. By means of lemon juice business will go quicker - squeeze out it to those places which your pet uses as a toilet, and leave for time (the small animal at the same time should not be in a cage), then rub a brush and wash away water. This means, effective and safe for small animals.


to return to the turned yellow fabric white color, lower it in the boiling water to which lemon juice is added.

Relieves of smells

you just cleaned onions, garlic, undressed fish? Wash up hands a lemon, and the unpleasant smell will not disturb you.

By the way if for dinner you give mussels which are supposed to be eaten with hands, then do not forget to put for each guest a drinking bowl with water and lemon juice for rinsing of fingers.

To get rid of a smell in a microwave, put several segments of a lemon in a cup with water and send to a microwave for two minutes, having included full capacity. Then this lemon water can be cooled and sent to the refrigerator - thus you refresh and it.

When the cauliflower cooks, began to smell in kitchen - not from pleasant. You should not stop up a nose or to run away from kitchen - much more simply to add a small segment of a lemon to water.

And finally there is a wish to tell several words about how it is practical to store a lemon:

On a silver platter!

This way - the most known, the simply. The half of a lemon needs to be put on a saucer, to cover with a glass and to send to the refrigerator.

To make a hole

If you are not going to use all lemon, and you only need several drops of juice, then do not cut it. Make a hole in a lemon by means of a toothpick, squeeze out necessary amount of juice, then close a hole a toothpick and send to the refrigerator to the following time.

To freeze!

the good way - to freeze an unused half of a lemon, and as required to clean off a little pulp.

But is even simpler - to squeeze out of a lemon juice in advance, to pour in capacity for ice and to freeze. At any time you near at hand will have a lemon juice!

It turns out how there is a lot of advantage in this exotic and such fruit already habitual to us!.

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