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Your indigo child?

Now around the world are actively discussed a new phenomenon: indigo children . So it it?

Doctors, psychologists, teachers around the world even more often say that children changed. How to understand whether they became better or worse? Very many will answer you: your kids and teenagers became more exacting, restless, active, disobedient and that is even more offensive for us, adults, on each question have own, absolutely unshakable opinion. And unless it is bad? No! Just they others .

If not to take into account that it would be easier for us with silent, house, obedient children, and to look narrowly at your child ? It is active, but is not hyperactive as many experts want to assure us. It is inattentive because for a long time understood everything, your baby is present no interest many times at all to listen to what he already realized. Namely in such cases many tutors and teachers complain that their pupils became inattentive.

But a root here in another. Why it is constant to learn the multiplication table if your child understood it, passed through itself and drew certain conclusions: it needs it or not. It is just necessary to interest him . Not one, so another.

It agrees that it undermines fundamentals of pedagogics. But if to pay the attention to the West (unfortunately, we lag behind in this question), then it is possible to borrow its experience in this question. In the beginning began to make to such children the diagnosis : the frustration caused by deficiency of attention (ADD) and the hyperactive frustration caused by deficiency of attention (ADHD). And, as usual, time is the diagnosis, that is and treatment.

I will not press in the description of those medicines which gave to such children. The result is important. No tablets helped, it is not an illness - it is character, temperament, feelings, emotions of your children. Also it is not necessary to arrange them under us. It we should learn to love the children such what they are actually. For this reason in the West, in America came up creations of schools of new type with idea. Fortunately, now those appear also at us (but it is already a subject for separate conversation).

By the way, concerning drugs. Incidentally turned on the TV, I do not remember any more that was for transfer, but precisely on one of the central channels. One doctor just spoke about this phenomenon. And what I heard: your child is not normal. His brain works one hundred times quicker, than for the ordinary person. So, it needs to be balanced, so to speak, under the general comb. Therefore, the preparations which are slowing down activity of a brain are necessary . And all this was told in all seriousness. Besides, it is allegedly necessary for its benefit because differently the brain at such speed of transfer and information processing will not sustain. As the computer can overheat.

You know, such words just strike. The head of your kid is so arranged that it copes with everything . The same as our organism copes with deviations of arterial pressure. Doctors of the whole world already departed from the term normal pressure . For one person norm 90/50, and for another - 140/90. And now present what will be if all to balance pressure to put 120 / 80. Any doctor will not act this way, does not learn yet what pressure at you habitual. So why we have to refuse to our children the right to have the, individual speed of information processing?

If the hyperactivity, a carelessness made to your child the diagnosis , do not hurry to give it drugs. At first understand the reason of such behavior. I found a lot of negative concerning indigo children in the Internet. Therefore I want to offer alternative information. Read at least Li Carroll`s book Indigo Children . I will not list the others if it interests you, then references to other similar books on this subject are given there.

Why this? Because she does not set as the purpose to convince us of something. In the book information who such these children is given. Examples, researches, experiences are given (unfortunately, foreign experts). Though it should be noted that in recent years appeared the book and our authors.

To what I tell all this? That if at your child

always on everything the opinion is;

it is hyperactive;

it is inattentive;

it seems to you that it is disobedient;

or, on the contrary, it is closed in itself by

... and still many other things, you do not hurry to draw conclusions, understand who your kid. It is normal, it is unique, it is unique. It whatever was small, but already the person. It an apple-tree, it is also not necessary to do of it a pear .