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How to squeeze out of a lemon at most of advantage? Part 1

Ya I do not know more useful fruit, than a lemon. Every time when I go to shop behind purchases, I surely buy a grid of lemons.

Houses I spread them on a beautiful dish, and the type of this citrus always lightens me mood. In addition, the lemon fills the house with fantastic aroma.

But in a beautiful dish lemons long are not late: several drops of a lemon are squeezed out on a toast with a salmon, the wafer-thin segment of a lemon goes to tea, couple of lemons leave on preparation of darling my family Citrus delight . And crusts lemon do not vanish - I do of them Oranzhetki in " chocolate; or just I cut a peel, I dry in an oven, I crush and I use for the potpourri.

And whether you know that the lemon is good not only for a decor of the room and in kitchen? What else advantage of this citrus? I want to share with you secrets which I know...

the Lemon for appearance For skin

the Lemon is known to

for the bleaching properties. If you want to get rid of freckles or pigmentary spots, have patience and wipe them with lemon juice - over time they will disappear. Only do not carry out this procedure before an exit to the sun or a campaign in a sunbed.

If you have enlarged pores, then try to wipe skin with juice of a lemon which, as we know, pulls together a time.

With heat-spots it is possible to struggle with the help of a lemon too - antiseptics - squeeze out a little juice on a Q-tip and you prizhgit heat-spots. Yes, sometimes this procedure not really pleasant - can pinch from time to time, but the result is worth it! Do this procedure in the evening, before going to bed, and heat-spots any more you will not disturb.

That wrinkles did not spoil to you mood, prepare the following magic means: olive oil and lemon juice in equal proportions. Wipe face skin in the morning and in the evening, it will become smooth and gentle.

It is possible to indulge himself with a mask also: to take natural yogurt, to squeeze out there juice of a half of a lemon, to put on a face and hands the massing movements. To wait until mix dries and to wash away warm water. The mask effectively fights against wrinkles and pigmentary spots.

Lemon juice perfectly softens rough skin on elbows and legs - for this purpose to rub problem places a lemon piece within several minutes enough.

For teeth

to get rid of a dental plaque, it is possible to brush two times a week teeth juice of a green lemon and grapefruit. Only be not overzealous - it is not necessary to carry out this procedure too often and long not to destroy enamel of teeth.

For hair

to add gloss to potusnevshy hair, rinse them with water to which lemon juice is added. This way is especially good if you have fair hair - juice of a lemon will give them a tremendous radiant shade.

Lemon juice softens hard water, and after washing your hair will be silky.

For nails

If you used a lemon in the culinary purposes, and you had peel with pulp, do not throw out it at once. Rub it nails - a lemon not only will strengthen them, but also will bleach, and will add gloss.

For complexion and symmetry of a figure morning is Very useful to begin

with a cup of hot water with lemon juice with everyone. Thanks to it you will get rid of toxins, will become more slender and will find amazing complexion. If to add juice of a green lemon to water, then advantage will be even more, than from yellow.

The deodorant

Can happen so that near at hand there will be no deodorant. But if in the house there is a lemon, then the problem is solved - this citrus can be used as a deodorant. Of course, after a shower. Be not afraid that the lemon will pinch from time to time - if on a body there are no wounds, then it will not occur.

But nevertheless you should not resort to this way too often that together with harmful bacteria, living on skin, the lemon did not destroy also useful.

the Lemon for health
From a headache

If at you the head ached, try the express - a method: apply several drops of lemon juice on whisky.

And if you have half an hour - hour of free time, then cut a lemon segments and put on a forehead, then settle down on a bed in the dark cool room, having enclosed a pillow under legs - that they were higher than the level of all body. Half an hour later - hour you will surely feel better.

For cold and a sore throat

If you caught a cold, you are hurt by a throat, then a progotovta to yourself a cup of hot water with a lemon. It is possible to add honey to this drink to taste.

Well rinsing helps: squeeze out juice of a half of a lemon, add to it a coffee spoon of coarse salt and dissolve in half of cup of warm water.

Though you already know a source of vitamins how by means of a lemon to get rid of a headache and a sore throat, nevertheless it is better not to be ill. Therefore always to be in good shape, drink freshly squeezed juice from two oranges, one lemon and a half of grapefruit. Having added a small amount of honey and germinated grains of wheat to juice, you receive unique cocktail of health.

That legs were not tired

you so were run in a day that your legs hoot for fatigue? Find forces to reach the refrigerator, get a piece of a lemon and a pomassazhiruyta to them tired legs.

From stings of insects this citrus helps

From stings of insects too! If to grease with lemon juice the place of a sting, then after a while the irritation and pain will disappear.

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