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What holiday was the most favourite in the childhood? Probably, New Year... Part 2

Many probably remember nice and elegant New Year`s cards of times of the childhood. Even before revolution of cards on this subject in our country the set was issued, there were they very beautiful, kept up to date - New year went to us not only on sledge, but also on cars, and even flew on airplanes.

But as on time New Year almost coincided with a religious holiday - Christmas, in revolution suffered persecution, and ever since the New Year`s subject was absent in a domestic filokartiya. Also the New Year`s card returned to our life only in severe military years. At first, when our army stopped an impact of Hitlerite hordes and forced them to begin the shameful retreat, mainly for soldiers of the Soviet Army regimental printing houses began release of very specific cards on which the Fuhrer much the rumpled look who is dressed up in a fur coat of the Christmas grandfather and dragging behind shoulders a feed bag, up to the top full of human skulls was represented. Under a topical caricature there was a poetic text of the following contents:

From sappers, infantrymen, we Send to

From the Baltic seamen

on New Year`s Eve gifts -

of the mountain of your skulls!

the Success of similar printed materials as a New Year`s congratulation was nevertheless disputable, fighters preferred to send to the family ideologically alien, but esthetically pleasant enemy printing products taken as trophies representing the Christmas grandfather, gnomes, angels, nice forest inhabitants - fallow deer, hares, protein, bullfinches of etc.

However with the end of war also New Year`s cards, quite friendly on style, appeared. On the first of them Father Frost the monumentalism reminded works of the outstanding sculptor Vuchetich, but looked kind. Some kind of defender. Then on New 1953 of the Soviet citizens congratulated the post miniature showing to a look the nuclear " ice breaker; Lenin plowing the Arctic ices. And with thaw cards of already absolutely peace look, with Father Frost who was not differing in surplus of frightening severity with cheerful the dancing hares, squirrels and the other forest people came. Also invitation cards on the largest capital fir-trees representing a book at which disclosure on pages by itself there was a green beauty surrounded with a round dance of hares, squirrels, and also wolves who are peacefully adjoining to them, foxes and bears who are dressed up in winter headdresses, mittens and scarfs that reconciliation of all living beings for festivals had to symbolize began to be issued. Which - what New Year`s cards I can show to readers now.

With 50 - x years the New Year`s holiday was strongly approved in life of the Soviet citizens. Children`s writers devoted it the numerous works which became classics of domestic children`s literature - Evgeny Schwartz`s fairy tale Two brothers and Evgenia Permyaka Magic " paints; Lev Kassil`s story history with a beard belonging to severe wartime, Sergey Mikhalkov`s verses, to Agniya Bartho who devoted to Father Frost, a fir-tree and other New Year`s characters several big poetic cycles. Movies about New Year were shot, quite often their heroes had to battle during a holiday against various fantastic villains, as in To Winter`s Tale on Victor Vitkovich and Grigory Yagdfeld`s work in which Old Year conceived to stop time, having resorted to the help of artful snowmen, in Masha and Vitya`s New Year`s adventures where there was a magnificent cast - and Georgy Millyar as the main Baba-yaga of all times and the people, and Mikhail Boyarsky as a wild cat of Matvei. New Year`s movies were shot not only for children, but also for adults - Carnival night with Igor Ilyinsky who brilliantly played near zavkluby companion Ogurtsov on the eve of a holiday events " are developed; Gentlemen of good luck and The Twist of fate, or With light " steam; it is impossible to forget, let this romantic comedy now and scold.

Many writers lifted a subject of the relation of children by New Year, for example, Chukovsky in the scientific work From two to five Agniya Bartho complained that children have too practical relation to a holiday, they wait mainly for gifts, wrote also the poem Greedy Egor on this subject. But nevertheless, I think, most of children rejoiced to this holiday disinterestedly. Especially as this holiday was for all, and it was offensive for nobody.

Yes, remembered to a case. The granddaughter of our form-master considered the Snowman as the husband Snegurochki! The grandmother tried to explain to her that the Snow Maiden - whether the daughter, whether the granddaughter to Father Frost. And the granddaughter resolutely interrupted her: And the husband - the Snowman! And what here wrong? Here and clearly everything with situation in family and related communications!

Now some consider that New Year became outdated, someone prefers to celebrate it formally - on - western, there are opponents of New Year pointing to the fact that it is celebrated during the prenativity Fast on the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar. But nevertheless this holiday to us since the childhood was so fallen in love that we persistently continue to celebrate it, apparently, it is impossible to get rid of this habit. In the childhood by New Year parents bought for us tangerines, made the most tasty dinner in a year, we got the best gifts on this holiday too. In New Year children could not go to bed before punch a big Kremlin chiming clock, on the TV there was a gala concert. The room is entangled by the serpentine, in it smells of a frost, needles, tangerines, roast goose from kitchen mix up in truly New Year`s bouquet, the festive ring of plates is distributed, behind a window in early winter twilight house fires opposite comfortably shine - there too prepare for a celebration of a holiday. Now tangerines can be bought in any market or in a supermarket regardless of a season, but New Year we still as in the childhood, we look forward. Probably, because this evening at tangerines taste special? And any most trifling bagatelle is capable to please if we find it under a New Year tree?