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What kinds of manicure you know? I Can declare

to you with all confidence that beautiful well-groomed handles will never get out of fashion. History of manicure traces the roots back to depth of centuries. In the ancient time only noblemen were able to afford manicure. So, in Ancient Egypt the position of the court manicurist was honourable, it used even special privileges! To Russia the manicure came from France. History of manicure is very interesting also one article will not be enough to tell everything about manicure. In this article I will try to make to you professional recommendations about an occasion of this or that type of manicure.

Classical cut manicure

the Most popular, but not the most optimum type of manicure. The main distinctive signs of classical manicure are a softening tray for skin of hands and removal of a cuticle metal tweezers. Such type of manicure is not recommended to those who has very dry thin skin on fingers and that at whom sosudik are located very close to a skin surface. At classical manicure the master if it has not enough experience, can incidentally wound you with tweezers. And if nippers are badly sterilized and disinfected, there is always a possibility of infection with a fungal, viral or infectious disease.

The European manicure Such manicure is safe

as the master instead of tweezers will use special means for removal of a cuticle. Such means softly dissolve the died-off thin skin around a nail plate and look after a cuticle. It would seem - ideal option of manicure! However such manicure will suit only those who have a thin and well-groomed cuticle. If you got used to classical figurative manicure, pass on European gradually. Classical trimming of a cuticle tweezers strongly provokes its growth, and means for the European manicure can not cope with a rough not well-groomed thin skin.

Hardware manicure the Cuticle and the coarsened thin skin on small pillows of fingers can be removed with

by means of specially device - a manicure drill. The master, using various nozzles, will accurately and carefully clean all horny thin skin. Carrying out hardware manicure, it is almost impossible to cut or wound the client. I very often recommend to the clients this type of manicure as the most modern and effective.

Paraffin manicure

Such type of manicure means use of a special paraffin bathtub. Paraffin masks and wrappings allow to rejuvenate considerably skin of hands and to improve its state. Contraindication to this procedure are any damages on skin of hands - cuts, scratches, stings of insects.

The children`s manicure to

Manicure to children is done most often to fix a problem of agnails. At the same time the minimum use of the cutting tools is desirable. The emphasis in children`s manicure is placed on moistening and nutrition of a thin skin around nails and prevention of emergence of agnails. Quite often for children`s manicure also the special bitter varnish allowing to solve such problem as an obkusyvaniye of nails is used.

The rejuvenating manicure

This procedure surely has to include professional massage with the highly effective medical smoothing creams. Often such cream have the easy bleaching effect. Why handles look younger? First of all, in it a massage merit, but not cream. Massage improves blood circulation, and nutrients get more deeply into cells of skin. If to do the rejuvenating manicure regularly, skin of handles it will become noticeable more smooth. Also the problem of dryness of skin will be solved.

SPA - manicure Such manicure represents

not only care of handles, but also relaxation, disposal of a stress. Not only the moistening and nutritious means but also peeling peelings are surely used. For hands add broths of medicative herbs, sea salt, petals of roses and essential oils to a tray. The master can execute massage not hands, and the special warm sacks which are hardly filled by collecting medicinal herbs. Such procedure renders excellent lechebno - preventive care of skin of hands and reduces stress which is saved up in a day therefore go to SPA - manicure in the evening, after work.

Hot manicure

When performing hot manicure, for mitigation of hands use not warm water, but heated oil or cream. This type of manicure perfectly suits all who suffer from dryness of skin of hands.

Gel manicure to

When performing such manicure, apply gel on nail plates - material for modeling of artificial nails. It becomes to give to nails a well-groomed and beautiful view of long time (the gel manicure needs to be done once in two - three weeks), to revitalize a marigold. The gel manicure and to those who want to get rid of a habit to gnaw nails will help.

What type of manicure you would not choose, the main thing that your master really was a professional of the business. The good master looks for an individual approach to each client. Perhaps, your master will suggest you to combine several types of manicure. And maybe, you will try to make manicure independently? In one of the following articles I will surely in detail tell how to make excellent manicure in house conditions!