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How to save on a mortgage loan, having reduced additional expenses? I Congratulate

! You finally decided to take a mortgage loan and to improve the vital space, or to get the first living space.

Choosing mortgage bank, pay attention to additional expenses and payments which surely will arise. Let`s list the main of them:

of 1. Consideration your application on a mortgage loan bank will cost you in the sum from 1000 to 3000 rubles. One banks will take from you money at registration of the application, others in case of the positive decision in your advantage on issuance of credit.

of 2. Also to you should spend for insurance apartments from risks of destruction and damage, the property right to housing, lives and disabilities of the borrower. For example, a young married couple, having taken the credit the sum of 500 thousand rubles for 10 years, will pay 3500 rubles. Every year the price of an insurance will be less as the sum of the unpaid credit will decrease.

of 3. Also the notarized reference from the spouse(s) can be necessary for you that he agrees that the acquired apartment will be in pledge for which you pay about 500 rubles.

of 4. the Main part of banks demands the conclusion independent of the appraiser . On average these services cost from 50 to 150 dollars and depend on the number of rooms in the apartment and quotations of the estimated companies. Having found the best price, you will save.

of 5. Also not the small sum is the commission bank for delivery the credit - can be fixed or be expressed percentage of the credit sum (from 1 to 4 - x). Choosing mortgage bank, do not forget to pay to it attention as the sum can turn out quite decent and will not prevent to leave it in the wallet.

of 6. And now most interesting to economy article of additional expenses! Selection of option and preparation additional documents for the mortgage transaction on this housing which to you will rise in the sum from 1 to 4 percent from cost (!) apartments. If you look at the options offered you by the realtor, but the apartment which was found will attract, you are not obliged to pay services of agency on organizations of displays and to selection of " options;. You will need only to pay for collecting documents (but if you have free time, you can and to make it, - and again economy!) .

of 7. Some banks demand of maintenance transactions real estate agency. As a rule, quotations can differ. Therefore choose and bargain!

of 8. It is possible, you should spend also for the notarial certificate transactions of purchase and sale (from 10 000 thousand rubles). But I hurry to please you: not all banks demand it!

of 9. And the last, is the state tax for registration of the mortgage transaction (from 1000 rubles).

Attention! If to you needs rather small sum of 200 - 400 thousand rubles, then you can use the so-called credit on improvement of living conditions . Here from you will demand to attract guarantors, but encumbrance will not be imposed on the apartment.

I, at last, in my opinion, the most important a way of economy at a mortgage! If you plan to repay the loan quicker at once than the stipulated schedule of payments (that is monthly payments will exceed designated in the last document), and will begin to do it from first months, then will be able to save fairly as a result. Payments are constructed in such a way that at first you give interests on credit, and then already return the credit. Therefore, the sum exceeding the contribution stipulated by bank will go for repayment of the credit, the schedule of payments will be counted and the subsequent payment will be already less at the expense of percent (as you returned part of the credit earlier).

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