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How it is correct to buy the computer? Part 2.

Question No. 2: What sum you are ready to pay?

Here two options exist: the person is not constrained by money and the top level is almost not limited, the second - a limit everything is exists. We will not consider the first option. If you are ready to pay 100 thousand for the game laptop, then this article in principle is not necessary to you. Quite will be enough pseudo - consultations of the manager of computer shop. Everything written further, for people who are able to count money.

We will begin with the fact that the computer is a thing which is bought not for several days, and for several years therefore it is necessary to strangle slightly the toad and to listen to a professional advice. If he says that this or that zhelezochka is cheaper, but even already I do not let out it, and sell the remains, then is quite possible, to write down that in a couple of years you will not be able to find cartridges for the favourite printer any more on a disk the favourite movie or to use new USB sticks or memory cards.

Upon purchase of the computer there is one rule - penny-wise and pound-foolish. I will give an example. A few years ago, one acquaintance intended to buy to himself the computer, but did not follow advices, and instead of CD - ROM - and, not cheap for those times, acquired expensive sound the card. In couple of days it was declared to me for work with an impressive package.

As became clear, in a package there were boxes with diskettes. About 15 boxes!!! These are 150 diskettes!!! On these diskettes he asked to rewrite to him Windows and some more programs what to it it was resolutely refused. Not because of harm or any other desire, and it is exclusive from - for the fact that it should spend for it 1 - 2 day.

One well-wisher everything is regretted it, and wrote down prosimy, having ruined plenty of time. In several days the companion approached again, one of diskettes on which the multivolume archive was written down was not read. The dobra of a shower in the form of our system administrator, wrote down everything again, but already taught by bitter experience did not begin to delete copies.

As you think what occurred next day? Correctly, the companion approached again. So it also went infinitely if, eventually, it was not sent ours, the kindest soul by the system administrator, with a wish To Sell something unnecessary and to buy CD - ROM .

of Pomykavshis about a week of people, sold the, expensive sound card (by the way, he did not seize its opportunities), and on the remained money the laser drive was acquired.

Conclusion: if expert (not the manager of shop!!!) says that this is better, let more expensively - do not argue! Then more than once you will speak well of it.

Dispersions of the prices of computers are very big therefore there is no sense to mention them in this article. Everything depends on thickness of your purse.

the Most expensive it is of course game and specialized computers. There are so-called office computers further, and computers are bought for the only purpose - to fill the text.

Question No. 3: Laptop or desktop computer?

At my place it is not enough place, I want to buy the " laptop; - with such wish the girl from our accounts department approached me. After small conversation it became clear that it has a child, and it not against that he sometimes played computer games.

In attempt to find out that her offspring loves, the phrase " flashed; Something there with the nuclear reactor and some monsters shoots . It appears, her son somehow shared impressions of game in S. T. A. L. K. E. R. on the friend`s computer. Having unsuccessfully tried to dissuade the girl, from purchase of the useless in this case laptop I just called the approximate price. I did not see

of Such big eyes long ago. It turned out that the girl communicated with the acquaintances (on their computer her son and played this very resource-intensive game) and decided that in principle such sum is able to afford. The girl did not consider one that the desktop computer was acquired from acquaintances, and she wanted the laptop. The figure which I sounded was almost twice higher than that that was paid by her acquaintances, and on this money they bought still, the printer and a computer table.

So laptop or desktop computer? The difference in the price as I already told, is more than twice, and often and 3 - 4. It at coincidence of all other characteristics. And, upon purchase of the laptop, you receive a small screen, not absolutely convenient and habitual keyboard and it is a lot more delights which his stationary, but cheaper fellow is deprived. But in too time if mobility is more important for you (let even within the apartment) that in this case of course more preferable the laptop. Everything depends on what you want to receive. This article, for example, is written on the laptop, but as I already told, it not absolutely is suitable for games.

Besides, the laptop has no opportunity so-called upgrade . It when, in process of obsolescence any completing it it is possible to sell or just to throw out and buy in addition something with the best characteristics, but not to buy the new computer. As a rule upgrade in laptops it is possible to make only with memory and hard drives and that with certain reservations and restrictions.