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What descendant of an ancient Georgian sort worked also in Hedgehog and in Siskin ?

on September 28, 1908, exactly 100 years ago, in St. Petersburg, in a family of the descendant of an ancient Georgian sort Luarsab Andronikashvili and his spouse Ekaterina occurred a solemn event - the firstborn whom called by the beautiful name Irakli was born.

Luarsab was the quite famous lawyer practicing not so much in a justification of some specific criminal, and, most often, groups of persons. For example, it protected workers in the well-known business of the Batumi demonstration of 1902, three years later - the rebelled sailors of the Black Sea fleet, in 1906 - participants of the Rostov revolt. And though in memorable 1917 after February revolution it was appointed the secretary of criminal department of the Senate, by the Soviet power to it it was given peculiar cards - Blanch, it was unambiguously the Descendants of the Georgian princes

of Sons Luarsab brought up

extremely strictly, watching that they, in - the first, did not make acts with which then it will be a shame to them, and, in - the second that never considered time devoted to education and self-education, a downtime. And Irakli remembered these lessons well

B 1918 of the father invited to give a philosophy history course at the Tula teacher training college, all family got over under Tula. In 1921 they for a while arrived to Moscow, but having taken away that life here rather heavy, Laursab decided to bring a family to Tbilisi

Exactly here Irakli and graduated from school in 1925. And decided to continue study in the city in which was born, - St. Petersburg which bore a name of the leader of the world proletariat by then. And gave documents to two higher education institutions at once - in the Leningrad state university on faculty of philology, and also in Institute of history of arts on verbal office. At university he studied in the afternoon, at institute - in the evening.

Special problems with study were not neither there, nor there. But not all his fellow students guessed that their companion, besides philology and literature, very seriously is fond of music history, selects notes and cuttings about life and activity of composers, musical styles. And not incidentally in 1928 Andronikov (he took such pseudonym, having cut down the Georgian termination) is invited to give lectures in philharmonic hall. From listeners the release was not, the student interestingly and fascinatingly told.

Streamed as a smoke or fog

He was surprisingly many-sided person, struck with the outlook not only the brother - the student, but also much more grown wise experience of people. His good acquaintance, the well-known storyteller Evgeny Schwartz, so spoke of Andronikov of a sample of the end 20 - x years: In Irakli it was difficult to find a whole, he everything changed a form, streamed as fog or a smoke. From it its relation to people around was difficult to grab. He suffered. It was driven to the hypnotist to cure nerves...

Strangely enough, campaigns to the hypnotist turned back that Irakli found and developed in itself artistic talent. It so zrimo represented doctors that his friends literally grabbed stomachs from laughter

he graduated from the University brilliantly and gained the diploma of the literary worker with zhurnalno - a newspaper bias. For years of study it groped the subject - life and Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov`s creativity. He so colourfully pictured pictures from life and life of the poet, so logically proved incentive motives of these or those his acts that friends joked: Recover Lermontov now, he would learn about himself so much interesting what did not know " during lifetime;

Where it was expensive to the young beginning writer? Naturally, in the interesting magazine. In their Leningrad then left a little, but independently stood Hedgehog and Siskin . Hedgehog - abbreviation Monthly and Siskin - Extremely interesting magazine officially intended for younger generation - from Octobrists to pioneers and Komsomol members. But the preference was given to pioneers. Respectively, the writers and poets able to talk to children and teenagers in language clear to them were grouped around them. Among the first organizers there were Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky and Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak, and the on-stage performance group long time was called Marshak`s Academy .

Boris Zhitkov, Vitaly Bianki, Evgeny Schwartz, Nikolay Oleynikov, Elena Vereyskaya were ill with laughing - all of them were in a varying degree acquainted with children`s literature by Marshak. Besides, it did not hesitate to involve in cooperation of poets whose abstruse verses nobody tried not to print. It is leaders young, but already disgraced group OBERIU - Daniil Kharms, Alexander Vvedenskom, Nikolay Zabolotsky.

Since 1928 the same Kharms is published almost in each number Hedgehog having published the most known works on its pages: verses Ivan Ivanych Samovar (No. 1), Ivan Toporyshkin (No. 2), the fairy tale about giants In - the first and in - the second (No. 11), story How the old woman bought ink (No. 12) and others. Hero of the poem of Kharms Ivan Toporyshkin became the constant character of the magazine. On behalf of Toporyshkin whom the artist B. Antonovsky represented externally similar to Kharms various smart inventions were published in the magazine: the jacket with musical buttons which is not blown off by wind a hat, etc. of

In edition on the fifth floor of one of Petersburg houses under the leadership of Marshak constantly various cheerful sketches were played, something was composed, improved, taking shape in fervent capacious verses and stories. As eyewitnesses remember, sometimes writers left, being bent from laughter, completely exhausted and were unsteady as drunk

According to Evgeny Schwartz`s recommendation Irakli appeared

From a litsotrudnik in bibliographers at a position of the secretary of editorial office of the children`s magazine Hedgehog . And let not everyone was glad to what otvetsek sits over a note in a quarter of a leaf in the afternoon (it seems concentrate in such obstanovochka), but for the time being suffered it. Here in such here cheerful atmosphere gradually there is a literary talent of Irakli Andronikov, in Hedgehog and Siskin he learned subtle irony, flashing humour, an optimistic spirit - if to it, of course, it is possible to learn

But, eventually, Irakli understood that he takes not the place. He said goodbye to the cheerful friends and settled to work as the bibliographer in Public library. Here, in an environment of books, Andronikov felt much more surely. And laboriously wrote out for himself various interesting moments which could be gathered in literature.

Two years later Irakli published the first volume article about Mikhail Lermontov. Then materials appeared in different editions, but the book " became the main work of Andronikov; Lermontov`s Life . It was in 1939

during the Great Patriotic War Irakli Luarsabovich was a litsotrudnik of the " newspaper; Forward on the enemy on the Kalinin front, and after the Victory returned to works of the great Russian poet, having defended in 1947 the dissertation - Investigations according to Lermontov . And the next year candidate was released in the processed look by the separate book.

On it is mute not one generation studied in

All this was, as they say, till my birth. But I very well remembered as in 70 - e years on television quite often went the " programs; Irakli Andronikov tells . It were not just biographies of the people who left a noticeable mark in the history. By then the literary critic was already the Winner of the State award USSR, published several books not only about Lermontov, but also sketches and sketches about writers, musicians. How many he poems knew by heart, even for the family a riddle. Can one thousand, can one and a half, and even all three. And the most important - as he was able to tell them as if lips of the poet!

Frankly speaking, the best source for preparation for literature lessons on the middle 70 - x years, in my opinion, were not. And I tried to write out during each literary program for myself something useful and interesting. And then, I repent, used it at lessons

such phrases which are never forgotten Exist. For example, andronikovsky: Taneev was born from the father and mother, but it is conditional. Tchaikovsky and Beethoven " were the real parents of Taneev;. And such pearls on his creativity is scattered much Irakli Luarsabovich was

in 80 seriously ill - e years, and was almost deprived of an opportunity to work. But for it it was done by its books. And in 1982 to it gave an honorary title People`s artist of the USSR you see, for the person who was not the famous film actor it is a surprising rarity.

Irakli Andronikov died on June 2, 1990. And his creativity for inquisitive people is still fresh and unique!