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How to sew a soft toy?

Soft toys love everything, only some hesitate to admit it. Children`s psychologists claim that at each child own soft toys, and, from different materials which the child in the course of game will be " have to be more senior than three years surely; to investigate .

Today it is possible to find any soft toys in sale - from classical bear cubs to those which represent microbes. But the toy sewed by you will be unique, already therefore it is worth trying.

To sew a soft toy, at first it is necessary to take care about to material resources .

of will be necessary for you:

- big and small rags of different fabrics, tapes, laces, furs, skin, oilcloths, felt;

- different color and different durability of a thread;

- cotton wool, a synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, a holofayber and other soft material for filling of a toy;

- accessories in the form of noses and eyes (them buttons and beads can replace);

- the different sizes of a needle, scissors, thimbles;

- a cardboard and a wire for a toy framework;

- a pricker and flat-nose pliers for installation of a framework and " installations; accessories;

- tailor`s meter and the same chalk, a transfer paper, a ruler - for cutting of details;

- the iron, the sewing machine.

The suitable pattern of a soft toy can be found in specialized editions: for needlewomen, children, for family rest; on the specialized websites; to buy in bookstore or in toy store (there it is possible to find sets in which there will be almost all necessary for sewing). One more option: to unstitch some too old toy and to copy a pattern from it.

If you sew a toy from beginning to end independently, will be able to realize all the imaginations. If, having bought a set in shop, decide to realize ideas of the professional designer, it is necessary to work according to instructions.

Let children will be your assistants in creation of a toy surely. This occupation for them is extremely useful. It accustoms to work according to instructions that very much disciplines. Work with fine details trains motility, assiduity, attention. Creation of a toy develops creative abilities.

Involving children, you remember safety measures. Needles need to be stored in a box with a magnet and to constantly recalculate them, at the same time in each needle the thread has to be passed. It is necessary to trust children all tools, but scissors - only with blunt ends, a pricker, the iron, the sewing machine - only under supervision of adults.

And the father it is necessary to involve in sewing of a soft toy even if he will grumble: who will show how it is correct to be active flat-nose pliers and what to do with a wire?

Such frivolous, at first sight, occupation as sewing of a soft toy, actually has the mass of pluses:

- the general work rallies and unites a family;

- in the house will decrease quantity of old things and unnecessary rags;

- diligently executed soft toy can become an excellent gift, the main thing precisely to choose the one whom it will really please.

And if to find an unoccupied niche in the market of souvenirs, production of a soft toy can become family business. Dare and everything at you will turn out!