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What is Green fairy and how to use it?

Somehow with the childhood friend came recently into one of bars - to pass a liqueur glass, another. Having approached a bar counter, we still did not decide that we will order therefore long studied the card of alcoholic beverages. Eventually, decided what needs need, something unusual that was never tried earlier.

And here our look fell to drink which was called absinthe liqueur . He was not familiar to us, all our knowledge about it were limited only to words from Irakli`s song:

An absinthe liqueur Drop / Set fire to love / And / You escape the answer " again;.

the Bartender took our order and began to conjure with glasses: poured drink from one in another, set fire, then put an empty glass upside down on a napkin, pushed a cocktail tubule there and asked us to inhale through it fumes of absinthe liqueur - through a nose. And so on. And only after several such manipulations suggested us to drink that remained already.

After that day I became interested in such unusual way of drink and began to look for information on the Internet as after all it is correct to drink green fairy the name which was given absinthe liqueur thanks to its greenish color and high fortress, about 70 degrees.

So, absinthe liqueur is no other than spirit tincture of a wormwood . From - for what drink also gains green color. In French the wormwood is called of Absinthe , from here and the name - absinthe liqueur. This drink was invented in the eighteenth century of a certain madam Enrio in the western Switzerland. After a while after death of madam Enrio of her daughter sold the recipe to the major Dyubye who, in turn, together with the son and the son-in-law Henry - Louis Perno opened the first enterprise for production and sale of absinthe liqueur. Then absinthe liqueur quickly won huge popularity in many countries.

Drink becomes bohemia drink soon, having extended among artists, writers and poets of that time. In total thanks to special effect which arose at the absinthe liqueur use because drink contained active agent - tuyon . At that time serious researches concerning impact of a tuyon on a human body therefore it is impossible to consider indisputable the assumption that tuyon is the neurotoxic reason of this effect were not conducted.

And the effect was expressed in accustoming, hypererethism and hallucinations. Though it is possible to assume that it were side effects of usual alcoholism. The it is more that thanks to high degrees of absinthe liqueur, symptoms of alcoholism are shown quicker. Absinthe liqueur has the high fortress (70%), therefore, effect of alcohol limits quantity of the accepted tuyon and even the most resistant will fall down from intoxication before receives a high dose of this substance.

Presently absinthe liqueur is not something dangerous, though contains a quantity of a tuyon. And for all the time of existence of absinthe liqueur, three main ways of drink were developed.

French way. to Pour one part of absinthe liqueur in a glass. To put a special spoon full of holes on edges of a glass. The sugar cube is put on this spoon. Now it is necessary to pour out in a glass three parts of cold water, through sugar in a spoon. Sugar will be dissolved in water. And the turned-out syrup will mix up with absinthe liqueur.

Czech way. the Most beautiful. To pour one part of absinthe liqueur in a glass. To dunk a wet spoon into granulated sugar or to put on it a sugar cube. To dip a spoon with sugar into absinthe liqueur. It is possible just to pour a small amount of absinthe liqueur through a spoon with sugar. To set fire to the sugar which became impregnated with alcohol, to inakapat the turned-out caramel in other glass with absinthe liqueur. Then to dilute with three parts of water. This way is dangerous that absinthe liqueur in a glass can easily light up therefore apply it carefully.

And at last, Russian , is also such now. To make sugar syrup separately, having mixed sugar with water. Then to dilute absinthe liqueur with syrup in the necessary proportion. It is the most effective and easy way of mitigation of taste of absinthe liqueur.

It is possible to drink absinthe liqueur and in pure form, but only strongly cooled. On 30 grams.

Good luck all. And pleasant degustirovaniye.