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How to protect important negotiations?

Desire to possess information (and the world, respectively) force to introduce more and more actively various espionage features . More and more ordinary people ask for the help such, earlier inaccessible devices as dictophones or bugs . The various overhearing devices are created even on the basis of the cell phone now. And it means that there is no confidence that at the time of conversation nobody overhears you.

What to do if you need to hold the major negotiations with the partner in business or maybe with the client or the supplier?

It is obvious that competitors will look for any opportunity to obtain this classified information, and will resort for the sake of it to any cunning - from simple bribery of employees for obtaining the necessary data before installation of the overhearing systems or systems of video surveillance.

However, modern technologies allow to create reliable protection against similar infringement of confidentiality of information. It is enough to establish a suppressor of cell phones and dictophones - and even walls which, as we know, too have ears, will not be able to hear a sound.

The effect of suppression is reached because the device extends around itself the most powerful electromagnetic field, at the same time the radius of suppression can be from 2 to 20 meters. In this field everything overhearing and the recorders working at similar frequency will be reliably neutralized. And will remain only to your competitors to be whipping the cat except noise and an illegible rumble they will manage to hear nothing.

Moreover, a number of suppressors allows to neutralize also such espionage devices as dictophones, and not only digital, but also usual, analog. As a result on a film or in the file there will be only an unclear buzz. Besides, all radio signals from any source, including cell phones, will be reliably muffled, and it means that your meeting will take place not only in the conditions of the total confidentiality, but also in the silence which is not broken by importunate phone calls.

Thanks to the various range, it is quite simple to decide on the choice of a suppressor, it is enough to visit any specialized website. Devices differ on the radius of action, duration of operation of the accumulator of a possibility of inclusion from the DU panel and connection to the regular socket. The choice of a brand, well and, of course, design and the price also is important. As for design, here producers took care and provided quite wide model range: from stationary boxes to a pack of cigarettes or the man purse hiding in themselves the difficult radio device.

For example, here such Diplomat`s Case even will not cause suspicion of the main mission - suppression of radio signals that guarantees success and complete secrecy of your campaign. And competitors will need only to puzzle why suddenly all listening devices, cell phones and other radio sets ceased to work.