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Whether to marry the foreigner?

Sometime happens what many fantasts dreamed of, - all people will merge in one big close-knit family, with one language. Also there will be no obstacles, races and the nations. There will be no wars. Only when it happens?

International marriages. Whom you will surprise with it now? Love language, of course, is eternal, but it is necessary to discuss household questions too. And therefore at once the first obstacle - insufficient knowledge of language on which it would be possible to communicate. Remarkably, if it is language which a half of the planet speaks and if it is a rare dialect of some tribe? First minus. To marry the foreigner only for the sake of departure abroad - it is silly. Romanticism and love will vanish as soon as the girl faces traditions and new tenor of life unknown to it. It is necessary to weigh everything for and against and, only if very strongly you love if you cannot live without this person and it is ready for all difficulties for the sake of great love, - then at way!

But at first study at least country history, its basic laws and traditions. Learn more about the elect`s family. It is necessary to learn language all the same. How to communicate with the person without knowledge of language? Without understanding the love is impossible. Adaptation in others country, in foreign culture will be difficult without it. Think once again. Love disappears quickly, and the gap with the homeland remains.

It is impossible to underestimate painful nostalgia. And it will be by all means. Even if to far-away countries you were driven by intolerable living conditions in the homeland. All this will quickly be forgotten. And you will dream even more often a home, your family, lovely house holidays and quiet evenings of a native home. Even if you replaced a deaf small village with the gold palace. Believe, I tell it not from what others have told. The external comfort will not replace internal. Therefore if nevertheless decided to go, prepare to yourself ways of return home. Everything happens in life. But the thought that you, if something happens, will be able freely to return will help to overcome any difficulties.

And them there will be a lot of. I do not take such component, perhaps, most important as relationship. You also did not leave if you did not love each other. Heartily I wish you to live with the new elect in perfect harmony all life. I wish that in this international marriage healthy kids were born. When the man loves the woman - he always wants from her children. That you gave them worthy education and education. It ideally. But you always have to remember where your roots. It will give you strength to overcome any difficulties.

Happiness at different races newly married more difficult. Moving, employment on the new place. If it in general is possible. One my acquaintance went for the husband to Portugal and could not find herself in this European country. Neither the knowledge of language, nor confidence in the forces helped it to find a congenial employment. But it person strong, creative. Wrote and already published the book. However, in Ukraine.

Other my friend went with the husband to Norway. The country is small, severe climate. The husband has a big beautiful house in the wood. Tremendous beauty nature, silence and clean air. And full isolation from the world This marriage already, alas, broke up. The girl from the million-plus city could not listen to singing of birds long. Started missing. Began to break on the husband. Did not learn language. She is already married to the Russian guy. Strong family. Kids.

History third. Palestinian. The girl left together with the east handsome after the termination of our higher education institution by him there. They live there more than ten years. Three children. The mother-in-law implicitly accepted the daughter-in-law. And the husband loves it, and children everything are healthy. Only mother did not see the daughter all these for many years. Suffer, miss, but yet there is no opportunity to meet. There are not enough means, family problems.

About husbands - I will also not write tyrants. They also in the homeland are enough. And about wives - servants for whom overseas grooms hunt. Always itself has to understand who before you.

There are also positive stories, about such love write books and compose odes. Two halves met. And just fell in love with each other. Live together far from her house. Surely lay a route of the joint life. Are not afraid of difficulties. Together they are overcome. Wisely. Strongly. It does not depend on the country of accommodation. The love helps such couples.

Different countries, cultures, languages and customs. And to them all the same - they love each other. If you are sure that you at last met true love, - collect suitcases.

Why I address girls? Usually men not really seek to get abroad in such way: it is much heavier to them to adapt in others country.

To marry the foreigner or more attentive to choose from local guys - to solve only to you. To fall in love - means, to understand!