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How to pass examination?

Ideal passing an examination, when examined everything know it, is self-assured, does not feel fear of the teacher, is able to state beautifully and clearly the thoughts Generally - dream.

So happens very seldom. Having remembered all examination torments from both parties of a table - both as the student, and as the examiner, I decided to write this small grant for taking examination.

We will consider very widespread case - global deficiency of knowledge . All semester the student is going to attend at least several lectures, but does not get to audience. He is going to devote all the time allowed for preparation for examination to cramming of someone else`s abstracts and the textbooks recommended by the teacher. But alas Both there is not enough time, and boffinry from textbooks in the head does not climb.

And happens that the student tries very much, and the subject is not given. And the annoying - is not given usually minor subject which does not belong to the chosen specialty at all. And examination needs to be taken! What to do?

Has to know any taking examination: the first that is not taken out by teachers - it is of silence . If the student is silent, looks at the examiner pathetic, devoted, dog eyes, such clever - clever, and the speech power is not cut within the next 30 seconds, then similar dog the behavior causes only feeling of irritation and automatically reduces chances of successful passing an examination.

Believe, for the teacher examination is not a so happy day. Examination - tiresome production, and there is always a wish that it passed without delays and problems. The silent student is a problem. And any problem wants to be fixed. The easiest way of elimination - to deliver two points and to send to learn materiel . Quickly and without special expenses of energy.

Therefore to be silent at examination - the failure technique doomed to failure. It is necessary to speak. Another matter - what to tell. About weather - it is senseless. It is desirable to tell something, the approximate relation to a subject having at least.

In this plan the old student`s joke is very indicative. The student, gathering for examination in biology, managed to learn only one ticket in which it was told about a flea. Any more, alas, he knew nothing. As ill luck would have it, it got a question of cows. The student, faithfully looking at the teacher, began: The Cow is just tremendous animal! She milks. And still cheese, oil and skin. The cow has horns, her body is covered with wool. And in wool there live fleas. Flea, this such animal - further everything followed about a flea, in all details. The teacher, having been surprised to the similar answer, asked an additional question. About dogs. Oh, dogs! - the student was delighted. - Dogs are animals, friends of the person. They protect houses, herds, apartments and individuals. Dogs are covered with wool. And in wool there live fleas. Flea, this such animal . The similar situation repeated with several questions. Eventually the teacher did not sustain. And now tell about fishes! - he declared, considering that it caught the student. The same was delighted even more. Fishes are the animals living in the water environment - happily smiling the student reported. - They are covered with scales. And here if they were covered with wool, then in wool there would live fleas. Flea, this such animal .

The student knowing at least about a flea cannot be filled up at examination. If, of course, he does not become puzzled and will speak instead of representing a clever and devoted dog. All good, only very silent. Actually this joke - the direct guide to action, the recipe of successful passing an examination at a minimum of knowledge.

The matter is that any teacher is not adjusted to fill up the student at examination (except those cases when there is a personal hostility). The teacher is ready to listen and about a flea - it is demonstration though some knowledge. That is, it is possible to give a positive mark, though low (if the student does not know anything, except physiology of a flea at all). But it is not necessary to potter with this student on re-examination, it will not be necessary to spend on him time. Each student has to remember - the teacher is interested in a positive assessment. And depends only on the student whether the examiner will be able to give such mark. Consider - he very much, very much wants to make it! It needs just to be helped a little bit.

Several words about personal hostility teacher. It is not so difficult to cause it. The teacher - too the person (we will adopt this provision, as an axiom). Unfortunately, there are enough students who consider this statement as the theorem moreover and unprovable. And do not consider feature of character of the specific teacher at all. Moreover, consider that it and is not required to them. In their opinion, the teacher is obliged to estimate their uniqueness. It - that yes, but purely human traits of character can be put

For example, present that the examiner - the middle-aged woman whom the husband left recently. Her daughter is unsuccessfully married, and the son cannot find to himself decent work in any way and slowly becomes an inveterate drunkard. Naturally, in students she will see that competitor to whom the husband left, and in students - representatives improper companies of the son or analogs of the son-in-law. The option when students are presented to it by the son`s rivals as candidates for vacancy in decent firm is possible. And, rivals successful.

At the same time our lady - very lovely person. At it it is simple to eat painful points. Well and there is no need to be trampled down on sick callosities! The most beautiful student can represent from herself a gray mouse - not to cause feeling of jealousy. The most successful and self-confident student can pretend to be the shy young man for half an hour. And to get rid thus of problems with the examiner.

To learn features of character of the teacher not and it is difficult - they are shown during educational process. And even if it is not possible to specify nuances of private life of the examiner then it is possible to tell precisely: whether successful students are pleasant to this examiner or he prefers modest young people whether he is in the fashion (if is not present, then you should not be on examination in innovative to clothes, it is better to remember once in a year old pioneer formula: the white top, black bottom), is how high its standard of living (if the examiner`s salary cheap, then is not recommended to come to examination in expensive clothes extremely) Simple supervision over the teacher can give a lot of things.

There is a problem which supervision over the teacher or brilliant knowledge of physiology of a flea - cannot resolve fear of public statements . The many people consider that it is in certain cases easier to die, than to address audience. Examination is exactly performance before audience which is represented to the most spiteful.

But the matter is that the teacher - audience benevolent! He just dreams to give a mark as soon as possible (positive!) and to dump ekzamenatorsky duties from the shoulders. Therefore everything that it is necessary - to convince himself of this fact.

Here some exercises can help. For example, it is recommended to finish the fear to the point of absurdity, a shiver in knees, a nervous hiccups. And when the horror reaches peak, it becomes clear - it does not cost that. There is no sense to be afraid, nothing terrible will occur.

To you it is not necessary to accept soothing before examination. Even the harmless valerian is capable to reduce reaction speed, to dull thought processes. General indifference which is represented to desirable many nervous students, does not conduct to success. It will be much better to relax and breathe on system 8 - 4 - 8 (a breath - a pause - an exhalation). Calms not worse than a valerian, and at the same time rakes over the coals instead of to deafen them.

Successful to you examinations!