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Whether it is possible to learn a foreign language in three months?

Actually a numeral in heading should be replaced with bigger. Or word month to correct on year . To learn language - thoroughly, ideally - in three months it is impossible. But! For this term it is possible:

to gather a basic word stock;

to lay in the head grammatical difficulties (but not subtleties);

to enter in language; to understand

whether it is necessary for you actually.

Not so is not enough. And on improvement of the knowledge and an otshlifovka of a pronunciation we will have all remained life. However, these words can be carried safely and to the native language!

So, we have three months to start speaking a new language. There are different ways to achieve it, both the simply and the most effective - to plunge on language Wednesday when around you speak only the learned language. Will - bondage, and in a week we will combine a sign language in about ten local phrases, and in a month we will already begin to express. And we will be understood.

The following option - intensiv . On courses of learning of foreign language you will plunge into the speech approximately, as well as when studying by " method; went to the country of native speakers . You, the teacher, five - six of your schoolmates - and in two months you tolerably speak with each other.

The third way - of thetas - and - thetas with the teacher . The grammar is put in your head as if by magic, the explanation adapts only to you, you lovely talk on the general subjects to the teacher. Three months - quite real term to get to talking.

The fourth way - independent studying of language . The most difficult, most economical and most successful method! And you can quite cope, unaided from outside. We will also consider this way more fixedly.

In studying of any language it is important to capture all its aspects:

1) grammar;

2) audition (= hearing);

3) speaking;

4) writing;

5) reading.

How to make it? Let`s look fixedly at each aspect.

Grammar we study according to the textbook. And it is possible in the grammatical reference book where language is prepared in parts to the speech and sentence parts. Thoughtfully we read, we find similarity to the native language and those remains of knowledge that are laid in our head since school (all of us had language in the program). At careful studying we find out that some phenomena are known to us. We strike them off the list of what should be learned by heart, and we pay all attention to what in the native language in no way does not meet.

should provide Audition with external carriers. We adjust radio in a car on a wave where broadcast in the learned language. We buy audio cassettes - as educational character, and as a hobby. Also we listen, we listen. Every day. There will be at first the general rumble. Then in this rumble phrases will suddenly be selected. And then - about a miracle! - phrases will begin to be split up for words. And some will even be clear! Also we do not forget about DVD where there is an original sounding of the movie in his native language. Also credits are especially welcomed.

Speaking to realize quite difficult if there is around no person who could divide with us conversation. It does not matter! In the course of training we read and we learn texts. We learn by heart! Also we do it aloud. Thus, we cease to be afraid of sounding of the foreign speech in our execution. Educational audio cassettes will help us to put a pronunciation (well at least approximate) that too promotes development of the speech.

Writing we train daily not only by means of written performance of grammatical exercises, but also by maintaining the diary with the description of events of last day. Let incorrectly grammatical, let with thrashing by native words or risunochka (for replacement of the unfamiliar or forgotten word) - but daily! we Read to

books, magazines, the websites. General rule: we take the book, it is desirable fascinating, of course, attentively, with the dictionary, we read the first ten pages, and then already we do not consult a dictionary. The general sense of the offer was caught - and it is fine. By the end of the novel we understand that overcame the text without dictionary - and everything understood! Now about the main thing - where to take for this time . At first it is necessary very much - to want to learn language very much. Without this desire nothing will turn out. And time will never be. And then we find the hidden reserves. They can be found!

to It is expensive for work . Daily on the road at us leaves of 30 minutes and more - so we will not spend in vain this time more! We read grammar! It is possible to study from two to ten paragraphs.

Aspect: grammar; time: 30+ minutes.

At work 15 minutes we spend for written exercises. It is possible to lodge the textbook on the desktop and to allocate in the schedule these 15 minutes. Affairs will not escape, and here process of studying of language will move off dead center.

Aspects: grammar, reading, letter; time: 15 minutes.

Way home . We read the book (it if we are carried) or we listen to the cartridge (if ourselves ourselves carry it).

Aspects: reading / audition; time: 30+ minutes.

of the House , in a dinner preparation time, we listen to the audio cassette, we watch the movie in the learned language.

Aspects: audition; time: till 30 min.

in the Evening we fill Diary of supervision we study ten new words.

Aspect: letter, reading, speaking; time: 10 min.

Result: in a day we paid attention to all aspects of studying of language, having spent for it only 15 minutes of specially allocated time, all rest of the time (and it is more than one and a half hours, by the way) was taken literally from air. In three months learned 900 new words. For a tolerable explanation with the foreign-language companion there are enough two hundred words. And if to consider that, having learned only one word, by word formation it is possible to make of it still at least three pieces - we receive a necessary basic word stock from nearly 3000 words. We studied grammar, let is superficial, let without details, but already we have general idea of the language phenomena. We read one (at least) book that instilled in us confidence in own forces. We even began to understand words, and even phrases from movies and songs.

is Three months - an excellent launch pad to start studying of language. Now it is a high time to go to the country of native speakers, to sign up for courses or to find the good teacher. Good luck!