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How to create a floristic collage, or the Seabed in a frame of

In flower shops - natural floristic boom! What in old times would be called a hand-made article from the natural material is on sale under bright names today, and not at below cost prices at all. And what if most to create, for example, a floristic collage?.

At once I will make a reservation. The author - not the florist - the professional. As they say: I am not a wizard but only I study … and I offer you together with me.

So. It is given: which - what natural material - cockleshells, pebbles, the dried plants, a small koryazhka, a peel of pistachios, peas, haricot and an other seed and all the rest that will come to mind. And also the elementary wooden frame for the photo. It is required: to create exclusive decoration of an interior - a floristic collage or a panel.

Can serve as a background for a collage which will be required to be pasted to a frame anything: fabric, paper or batic. Also in this quality can receive the second life packing material expensive bouquets: sisal, crepe color paper.

And further just it will be required to lay out any picture which came to mind from the chosen material: star sky, seabed, coral reef or forest landscape. Well and, of course, to paste by means of the glue gun.

Exact sequence - put it here, there paste that is will not be, and do not wait! And differently where it, creativity element? And there will be some cunnings which will help to create the real masterpiece from any improvised natural material.

Here, for example, it is a little about a form. Everyone, even the form seeming very difficult, it is possible to divide into simple parts and to place in clear geometrical outlines. Main forms: rectangle, triangle and circle. Almost all existing forms or outlines are based on them. At the same time all utonchayushcheesya and coming to an end with a top - a triangle, and all round, soft and fluctuating, as a rule, consists in a circle.

And here several cunnings how color at different lighting changes. By the light of a luminescent lamp red looks naturally, but is dulled, orange looks is a little lighter and is colder, gold yellow - is a little pale, and is yellow - green freshens. Violet and purple become more intensive in this lighting, but brighten a little.

By the light of halogen lamps red looks though it is natural, but not warmly, orange freshens, and gold - begins to shine. In this lighting it is green - blue and blue remain natural, but got cool shade.

Light usual Ilyich`s bulbs does red brownish, it is yellow - green turns in ocherous, and white - in faintly - yellow. Orange and gold at such lighting shine, and here violet and purple fade and look gray mice.

Now, knowing which - that about a form and color, it is necessary only to sit down and make exclusive ornament which does not demand either vases, or invaluable living space for the placement.