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Self-defense. How not to fall a victim of assault?

Once, coming back home from some birthday, I suddenly found out that there is along the dark street absolutely one. It turned out so that there was nobody to carry out the poor girl, and drunk gave to confidence in own invulnerability. Though on fresh frosty air, on the long street lit with pathetic three lamps this confidence was not slow to dissipate. Then thoughts of morning release of the criminal chronicle with themselves as the main victim got into the head.

Similar cases happen periodically, probably, to everyone. Confidence that nothing happens to me it is peculiar to each person, but will not rescue you in case of real threat and to surprises it is desirable to be ready.

Many citizens become the victims of attack because dispose the criminal to it. They are too self-confident and lose vigilance. You should not do it at all. No, of course, there is no need to become the paranoid who is jumping aside from passersby, but healthy degree of vigilance yet damaged to nobody. Try to avoid to travel alone in a night-time, especially on the unfamiliar district. If so occurred, try that someone accompanied you.

Being in the public place, try not to advertize to people around of contents of the purse, the new superfashionable mobile phone and earrings with diamonds. You can be remembered or tracked you.

Staying in an alcohol intoxication, you also risk to provoke attack because you will seem to the forward an easy mark. You watch the state.

You do not get into unfamiliar tinted cars, you do not come into the elevator with unfamiliar suspicious persons, on the street you stick to places where is more crowded. There is a probability that if something happens all - will come to the rescue of you. Well, or at least will cause whom it is necessary.

But what to do if attack all - happened. The main thing to manage to overcome at this moment itself and not to be frightened. Do not panic, you will be rescued by thin calculation. In - the first, decide on the number of forwards and what they want from you. If it is about money, then, perhaps, you should not enter bloody fight for the sake of one hundred another. If something bigger, then resistance of you has to be maximum.

If since the childhood you are engaged in oriental martial arts, to you and cards in hands. If is not present, then defend with what is near at hand. Everything will approach. Very opportunely there will be an existence in a handbag (pocket) of a gas spray or the stun gun. If you are not so provident, then any sharp or heavy objects can be put to use. The umbrella, a hairbrush handle, a ball pen and even a nail file can seriously wound the forward. The bunch of keys clamped in a fist or other firm subject can significantly increase blow force. The stream of hairspray or deodorant by efficiency do not concede to tear gas.

Try to strike blows in open weak spots: neck, solar plexus, eyes, groin, knee joints. Teeth - too the excellent weapon, and let Tyson`s monasteries do not disturb you, at you it will turn out not worse. The type of own blood can seriously demoralize the forward.

If forwards more than one, and fight happens on the open territory (street), be afraid of attack behind, it is better if opponents are in the field of your sight all the time.

If you are in conditions of the closed space, do not allow to clamp itself in a corner at all and to immobilize. While your hands and legs are free, you have an opportunity to defend.

Resist that is forces. Persistent and furious repulse can amaze criminals, and you will be left alone, having considered problem production . Enter with the forward negotiations, it will help you to win time and to orient in a situation. And the main thing - do not lose courage, life is worth it!