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How to be if you were late for work?

you wake up from a disturbing call of an alarm clock (phone) and it is found out that you were late. The breakfast is not ready, on the head what the hell, the clothes cannot be found from the first attempt, in the head the thought of cruel reprimand turns. What to do?

In - the first, without panic. Chaotic actions will only add turmoil to already fussing morning. Your main task now - as soon as possible to reach the duty station.

If is an opportunity, call someone from the employees to whom you trust, warn that be late.

If you in the normal relations with the administration and if you prepared a plausible justification, then you can call the chief personally. If is not present - that you should not arrive thus rather. Your confused justifications can anger him even more.

In - the second, you have to look presentably, that is, as if you were late, it is necessary to find time for the appearance. It will help you when you speak with the administration. The tidy look will impress more favourably, than a hairdress and - la I fell from a mow .

If you the girl, then at least that you need to make is to wash and brush the hair, a cosmetics bag at you always with herself. If the man, then it is possible to add to it still procedure of disposal of vegetation in a face. As a last resort shaving accessories can be taken with themselves.

do not forget to clean teeth. Fresh breath facilitates understanding!

do not spend time for preparation and meal if you got used to have breakfast in the mornings. Unfortunately, now you are not able to afford even a cup of coffee. Not time to think of food when you are threatened by dismissal.

If it is necessary to reach the place of work by public transport, then it is better to prefer a taxi. You will lose a little money, but will save time, and your fast emergence, besides, will help you.

I at last, several words about yours truthful explanations. Do not complain about own forgetfulness at all, do not tell, please, that you overslept even if it so. It is extremely negative option of explanations convicting you of a disorganization and irresponsibility (read incompetences). Guess what is done with incompetent employees.

On arrival do not wait for you " so far; will haul up on the carpet come to the chief and apologize for delay. Never be afraid to have a talk with the administration personally. The chief the same living person as well as you, he has personal and office problems and obligations and, perhaps, communication with you to it too not to liking too. Understand it.

Behave frostily, but it is sure. You remember, you not the idler - you the victim of circumstances. Do not go for the conflict at all even if you are provoked, you remember who here main and for whom, eventually, the last word. Of course, you can object if you frankly offend also such address, in your opinion, humiliates your human dignity.

Options of justifications can be divided into two types: the justifications concerning problems,

arisen along the line the house - work and the problems which arose at your place. It is possible to carry to the first type excuses type:

1) Broke the trolleybus (the tram, the bus). Very plausibly, but at the same time time of delay has to is desirable to correspond to a waiting time of the following trolleybus.

2) Traffic jams. Will approach if your chief does not reach for work as the same route.

3) state of emergency. You had an accident, you were detained by militia (because you approach under the description of an identikit), you were robbed etc.

the Second " type; excuses type: broke through a pipe in a bathroom (since morning unexpectedly), neighbors drunk started the fire etc. what there is enough imagination for. But at the same time you have to look as if it really happened to you, differently will not believe.

Is not necessary as the reason of delay to call breakage of an alarm clock (read the " point; overslept ) and illness (death) of the family or relatives, if it not so actually. You should not joke their health because it is almost your own health.

In general the end justifies the means if your lie is rather innocent, but at the same time the incident gives you good reasons for delay. The main thing not to abuse!