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How to get on service to army of the USA? Part 6

About service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How to learn in a form that the soldier or the officer passed foreign round? On the right and left sleeve there will be stripes (flypaper) with symbols of military units. Those who were not in foreign round will have stripes only on the left sleeve.

I talked to many military personnel who passed through Iraq and Avhan and the vast majority of them against war there as consider this business senseless. All of them were there at least once for 15 months, and even several times. All have a consensus: we in the country and have enough problems, in the beginning it is necessary to bring order at home, and then already to save the world. Why to export the type of democracy on the East if they do not want it? They will hate and blame us all the same for all the troubles - and billions of dollars continue to pour in the USA there and to support about - the Washington modes of corruption type. What sense from it? And how many children fell there for anything?

Here such I hear answers from the military personnel of a different rank...

However, the higher a rank - the more carefully they express own opinion. It is clear, can and give on a cap, and to deprive of a rank.

What it, service in Avhan or Iraq?

Well, in - the first, according to those who served there, the population generally there friendly, but just tired both from terrorists, and from so-called peacekeepers whose basis is made by the American military personnel.

Of course there are several factors why soldiers of army of the USA there. The first, is the order. Where you are sent - there and you go, naturally. Disobedience to the order in any army is punished strictly. Though if there are softening circumstances, then the penalty can be less strict. For example, one my acquaintance did not obey to the order to go because his mother appeared in hospital in a serious condition and almost died, and he went to it to Oregon without the permission of the administration in a condition of a strong nervous shock.

In the beginning it was wanted to be given for tribunal, it was in the winter of 2007, but then, having considered documents and facts of the case, the military administration just decided to release it from army wherever one wishes.

So, today nearly 90% of all military personnel of land forces and marines serve there, in turn, naturally. The aircraft and others - there percent is much lower.

In general is the whole process.

talked to one acquaintance, Volodya Recently, he is from Kiev. Volodya, as well as I, with the higher education, he even studied in a military college in the years of collapse of the USSR, and as a result it was out of work in addition the foreigner in the former own country called by the Soviet Union.

Went to the USA, then decided to receive citizenship of the USA through service in army is accelerated, and besides to pay at the expense of army study in higher education institution for the children and itself.

However, in August, 2008 it was sent to Iraq. The wife and two children stayed at home...

As they say, everything has the price, and it knew about it though it does not accept war in Iraq as well as I.

We will hope that it will arrive home it is live and safe.

He told that process of preparation for sending abroad in itself takes about 6 months.

It and vocational training, then and paper, that is that houses everything was paid, any there debts for accounts, and, naturally, psychological preparation. Because you will be there, perhaps, to carry out military mission and, perhaps, to kill the opponent, to defend comrades in arms and civilians.

Visual pictures of violence, death leave the prints in consciousness, and often if not to take due measures, then they can pass into a form of a mental disorder, disease.

In April, 2008 I stood somehow near cafeteria, and incidentally heard conversation of several soldiers who were in Iraq. One of them told that when they stood on a post, to them the car at great speed rushed, without reducing speed, trying to pass, probably, them to a descent.

Despite signs and requirements to stop, the car continued to fly in their direction, and they remained nothing else how to open fire on defeat with a machine gun of the 50th caliber established behind bags with sand. you Know

what it is caliber? If to take 3 thumbs together and to put - that will be about a size of the bullet without sleeve. Penetrative force it just lethal, rips bricks to shreds and does holes in concrete fences, as in a cardboard.

And so, after a compulsory stop of the car they ran to examine the scene.

All cabin was thrown by pieces of human meat alternately with pieces of metal, plastic and covering as though there the huge meat grinder worked. Further they took black plastic bags and went to select garbage around the scene, for a consequence... the Guy all this told

by such ordinary voice, without changing intonation as as if he told about a weather forecast. For it, probably, it was a commonplace there, he and not it saw...

Later I learned that to this guy by the name of Robert was only knocked by 21. Twenty one years of everything, and his consciousness is already turbid such horrific images.

we Will return to a subject. Preparation of equipment, the list of equipment and regimentals and personal belongings - all this takes months as includes their receiving, checks by any levels of the administration, their packing and transportation. Imagine that in Iraq and Avhan there was a secondary army numbering about 150 thousand military personnel, it according to our battallion major Kinley. It means transfer about a half of arms, equipment and equipment on the territory of these countries, and often it affects supply and combat readiness of parts in the territory of the country.

A how many money is costed only by transportation of this heavy machinery, ammunition, spare parts and other.

A food of the military personnel? How many it is necessary to throw weekly on the ocean and air of food to feed such number of the servicemen, apart from tens of thousands civil which work at objects?

It is no wonder that this war costs tens of billion a month only taking into account it: a salary, payments to families of the dead, construction of military and restoration of civil objects, a payment on accounts of defensive firms for their work in Iraq, a salary of the military personnel of army and police of Iraq, and other.

What do these defensive private companies in Iraq and Avhan? Miscellaneous: collecting and the analysis of prospecting information and supply of army of the USA with it, work of private investigators with use of tortures and interrogations though officially all this is disproved. Also defensive private companies provide service of the weapon and equipment.

Other firms advise the Iraqi government in spheres of financial, municipal management, elections and other. Who these firms? The Boeing, Lokhid Martin, Reyton, General Motors, and is a lot of others... Sometimes swindlers create the similar companies with the purpose to receive the state money under mythical projects and disappear with millions of dollars, it emerges then in the American press.

In the USA commanders of divisions often complain of what is not enough handheld transceivers, footwear, new bullet-proof vests, still what. Somehow the commander of a company captain Johnston told that if now Iran or Russia would attack us - that (States) hardly would be necessary to us, considering a lack of supply, dispersion of elite military units across the Middle East and fatigue of the military personnel from war.

It is unclear only why these mentioned countries have to attack America by all means?.