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Where is Gehenna fiery ?

throughout already two millennia hell are associated at us with Gehenna fiery in which, as it is known from the Scripture, unpenitent sinners are punished by fire. However very few people know from where this image of human tortures in a hearth of the burning flame undertook.

Gehenna fiery in Hebrew was called geykhenny that is valley of sons of Ennom also designated the place which belonged to a family (as option, to the people) the last. There was it near Jerusalem known to us and had an appearance of a narrow, deep mouth. In ancient time the people living near this valley read blood-thirsty god Molokh and made it the terrifying human sacrifice (hanaanets and the idolopoklonstvuyushchy Jews who adjoined them, as a rule, gave to Molokh the firstborn). During reign of the tsar Joses Gehenna fiery turned into the place where burned garbage, corpses of animals, the soldiers who were killed in action, the executed criminals and just people who could not be buried. This process was constant, the cadaveric place needed disinfection, respectively, and fire in the valley burned also neugasayemo (by the way, the concept neugasayemy " fire; went, probably, from here), extending in the district not only heat and reflections of a bloody flame, but also the terrifying stench from the decaying corpses and burned meat. Well, than not hell?.

It makes sense to assume, as Jesus used the above described picture as a prototype of an infernal flame: And if your eye tempts you, pull out it and throw from yourself: better for you with one eye to enter life, than with two eyes to be to a vverzhen in Gehenna fiery (Matfey, 18:9). And again we face a question: where there will be what will open for us location real (not a prototype any more if who did not notice) Gehenna? Also be not afraid killing a body, souls not able to kill; and be afraid moreover Who can and smother also a body to ruin in Gehenna (Matfey 10:28). Pay attention to this phrase - it is key in our search of Gehenna fiery.

All of us perfectly know that after death the body in this or that look remains on the earth: becomes buried in it, is cremated or settles down in a crypt, and the soul goes to the highest spheres. Guilty souls right after death go to hell, but as far as I could understand, studying this question, fiery they do not face Gehenna there. And their bodies, as well as bodies of righteous persons, remain in the earth. New bodies, as it is known from John the Evangelist`s (Apocalypse) Revelation impious will receive in so-called second revival (at the first righteous persons will be revived), which will happen after a thousand-year kingdom of Christ on Earth . Further events will develop as follows: Also fell fire from the sky from God and devoured them, and the Devil seducing them, vverzhen to the lake fiery and sulfuric where the animal and the false prophet, and will suffer day and night for ever and ever (Revelation 20:9, 20:10). The sinners designated as those, " also will be thrown into the same lake after the Last Judgement; who was not written down in the book of life (Revelation 20:15).

Sad picture. However, perhaps, everything is not so bad?. Nobody disturbs the person, except him, to be that whom he wants to be. Both on Earth, and in the Sky.