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How to calculate ideal weight?

Eh as there is a wish to be similar to those beauties and the handsome with which photos covers " dazzle; glossy magazines. But, alas! and ah! Not everyone can brag of the fact that their figure conforms to the international standards of beauty.

According to statistical data on Russia of 60% of women and 50% of men 30 years are more senior have excess weight, on average - about 55% of the population. Figures set thinking.

But even at the person who looks harmonous can be observed hidden, or as it is called, latent completeness. An objective indicator - a percentage ratio of fat and kostno - muscular tissue. For men norm - 9 - 15% of fat of body lump, and for women - from 12 to 20%. But it is only figures. It is clear, that you will not weigh the fat which is available for you on scales.

Therefore think out various formulas to calculate the ideal weight.

The formula offered by the French anthropologist Paul Brock is simplest for calculation . It looks so:

Weight (in kg) = to growth (in cm) - 100 (with a growth to 165 cm),

Weight (in kg) = to growth (in cm) - 105 (with a height of 166 - 175 cm),

Weight (in kg) = to growth (in cm) - 110 (with a height over 176 cm). Experts consider Brock`s indicator as the most true for people of 40 - 50 years. Optimum weight 20 - 30 - summer, in their opinion, has to be reduced by 10 - 12%, and after 50 years is increased by 5 - 7% of Brock`s indicator. These the formula shows to

average value of weight. For more exact definition it is necessary to consider constitution type the person. There are three the main constitution type: asthenic (thin-boned), normostenichesky (normokostny) and hyper sthenic (shirokokostny). It is possible to define the type of a constitution, having measured a grasp of a wrist of a working hand.

For women:

Asthenic type of a constitution - a wrist grasp less than 16 cm;

Normostenichesky type - a grasp of a wrist 16. 5 - 18 cm;

Hyper sthenic type - a wrist grasp more than 18 cm

For men:

Asthenic type of a constitution - a wrist grasp less than 17 cm;

Normostenichesky type - a grasp of a wrist 17. 5 - 20 cm; Hyper sthenic type - a wrist grasp more than 20 cm


Having determined by

the type of a constitution, modify results. If you have an asthenic type, then from result take away about 10%, and at hyper sthenic - on the contrary, add.

For calculation of optimum body weight it is possible to use also a formula of Brunkhard :

B = (Growth (cm) x circle of a thorax): 240.

For definition of a proper correlation of weight and growth the body weight Index serves . Its formula:

IMT = weight (kg): growth (m) squared.

The IMT normal values - from 19 to 25 units. For those who love more difficult calculations and do not look for easy ways it is possible to offer for determination of weight a formula of optimum weight depending on age:

Body weight = 50+ 0,75kh (Age - 20): 4

I, finally, formula of Negler (well absolutely difficult).

According to this formula on 152,4 cm of growth is necessary 45 kilograms of weight. On each 2,45 cm over 152,4 cm it is necessary on 900 grams. Plus of another 10% of the received weight.

you will understand So far - you will grow thin. But, as we know, beauty demands the victims. No difficulties can stop us.

Counted? Compared? Were frightened? Are ready to clutch at the head and to go on a diet.

Stop for a minute, think: and it is necessary to you?

the Same all-knowing statistics claims that a quarter of all men prefers fatties. And the woman, I think, it is more pleasant to sleep on a soft shoulder, than on bones.