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How to get the driver`s license? The choice of driving school

unforgettable lines of the adored I. Ilf and E. Petrov Are indisputable and fair, that Pedestrians should be loved. Pedestrians make a majority of mankind. Besides - its best part .

But obsession to become not only the owner, and the real owner iron horse to operate it to be entitled the driver of the vehicle of the category ", more precisely; In pursues and quite often overtakes representatives of the best part of mankind.

It overtook and me. Friends are acquaintances - almost everything driving, slush - snow to knead there is no desire, on own volition it is possible to go both on the dacha, and behind purchases, and for work. But, alas, even in the presence of the car, will be left dreams without driver`s license of dream no more.

The way leading to receiving the so-called rights obviously lies through driving school. Where to find that, tell the announcements which are found everywhere - are stuck on columns, are distributed by promoters, are written on billboards and posters, are published in newspapers. Primary information - types of service, including theoretical preparation, medical examination in the place of training, practical training.

I stop on several, the choice falls to the addresses located near the house or work. I ring round, the difference in payment depending most often on quotations in hours of driving is insignificant, so the main reference point - a location.

Here! Causes trust the organization which was placed at military department of State UNIVERSITY, and just near the house. I come, I meet lovely secretaries, I examine licenses and samples of the documents issued upon termination of training. I listen to assurances of a full arrangement of examiners from traffic police to high qualification of the masters of autobusiness and graduates of dear institution working here, I am impressed with percent of the listeners who acquired the rights. I find out lesson schedule and after, naturally, payment I have an opportunity to be present at lectures as a part of just created group.

It should be noted, audiences decent in every respect are operated with full loading - pupils a little less than thirty, throughout a course ranks of attendees are joined. The instructor - the theorist is logical and eloquent, explains in detail and with mood. Material gives out in necessary volume, tries to bring to everyone. The teacher`s depictions, probably, are called, partly to replace the absent exercise machine (piece with the monitor where illusion is created that you driving also go). Road situations are modelled that is called on fingers however, posters, schemes, textbooks help.

Two times a week regularly I attend classes, attentively I listen in a class, honestly I perform homeworks by means of the manuals acquired here and the training DVD. In a word, I gnaw also I look forward the dry theory when the tree " will turn green; driving practice lessons.

At last rules are learned, solved tasks and even internal theoretical examinations are passed. With the got admission I come to the autodrome located here in the institute yard. The instructor - the practician acquaints me with the car on which I have to receive and work primary driver`s skills.

Nine equipped with some handymen two sets of foot management. From a floor to pedals far, leaning heels, it is impossible to get therefore legs all road are in a hover why tension at management of this model of the car accompanies me constantly and noticeably exhausts.

Distracts the size of the training platform from physical tortures, so small that instead of a platform natural landscape rise is used, and two cars have no place to part. Therefore sometimes you wait in line to start working off snakes turn parkings in a pocket and the paid time, unlike me, does not stand still.

At last, " platform; which - as it is fulfilled, or the occupations which are taken away for maneuvers just ended, it is time to leave to the city. And here only I try to estimate at least approximately a road situation which it is necessary to face at my first departure. Easy panic covers, at once outside already native training base the mad eight-band city highway of one of the most brisk prospectuses of the city roars. Well, why to me would be not to go to the driving school located in the neighbourhood with quiet streets and the yards?

But the reality is cruel, there is no place to disappear - I leave, in the heat of passion - I come back. After the first trip and I, and my instructor are absolutely sure that driving is not for me, and, probably, forever it is necessary to reconcile to the passenger`s fate.

But maniacal obsession I push me on a slippery adventurous slope, and under the screen of night, you understand, very much risking, I get into own car, slowly and carefully I reach to garbage containers, then - to a bakery and even, about a miracle, I go round quarter.

The second departure to the city with the instructor is already best of all, but houses - that I train on " submachine gun; and to take examinations on to mechanics . The instructor considers and I see that I in traffic police am not ready to tests, and additional classes over put in driving school are therefore necessary. And these, already private, are of lessons 4 - 5 times more expensive, besides, the instructor works for 12 hours 7 days a week and it is necessary to come to hours by seven in the morning.

My ingenious readers, of course, already drew conclusions. Let`s sum up together. If you want to pass the first stage of a hard way of obtaining the driving license without excess physical and moral tortures, choosing driving school:

- in - the first, get acquainted with vehicle fleet, look at brands of cars, do not hesitate, ask to take the wheel, to try whether pedals are convenient as the lever of switching of speeds goes. Not always driving of the training car - torture, the cars which enough are well equipped with convenient driver`s places;

- in - the second, examine the platform for maneuvering working off. It has to have a platform, separately marked sites for working off of necessary exercises, but not combine on hundred square meters intricate combinations of all necessary figures ;

- in - the third, present to what history with geography you will get, leaving to the city as not everyone to overcome the first negative impression of own helplessness in forces and quickly or ever in general to recover from the received shock;

- in - the fourth, the exercise machine mentioned by me will also be not superfluous at development of the theory, besides will give the flavor about practice.

The accounting of my frank wishes can help you to save rather lump sum of money, without having left them on roads kustarno of the equipped autodromes under wheels which - as the equipped cars at the first stage of obtaining the driving license.

Happy journey!