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How to choose a sofa to a pomyagsha and having painted ?

What is most of all appreciated by us in sofas? Correctly, their softness. Earlier softness of sofas was provided by springs and a thick layer of cotton wool. Springs creaked, broke through not only quickly became useless vatu, and a covering, a sofa.

Progress does not stand still, lax springs were succeeded by strong and compact spring blocks, and vatu added new natural - felt, a sea grass, a horsehair, a copra or synthetic materials - foam rubber (soft elastic polyurethane foam), a synthetic winterizer (material on the basis of polyester threads and low-melting thermofibre), sintepukh (the polyester silikonizirovanny helicoid fiber which is well springing thanks to the izvitost), komforel (sintepukh, twirled in balls).

It is important that many modern synthetic materials are anti-allergenic.

Unambiguously to tell what of materials it is better, difficult. It depends on as far as to your body this or that stuffing is pleasant.

In good sofas soft filler is a multilayered knowledge-intensive design when which designing the set of factors is considered. In sofas it is simpler, and those the majority, manage an integral piece of foam rubber.

It has to be placed at a small angle, slightly towering under knees that you constantly did not move down from a sofa. It is good if this piece of foam rubber was packed into the cover supplied with a lightning or on flypapers that in process of wear you could replace it.

Obivochny materials turn a sofa from a convenient applied thing into a beautiful work of art. What is only not got on on a sofa: gobelin, Jacquard, skin, fur, silk! But if with these materials more and more or less clearly, then such names as shenill, the flock, nubuck, skotchgard raise questions. Let`s try to understand.

Shenill or shinill is a kind of jacquard fabric, it is used by not less than 200 years. Receive shenill, interweaving fibers between two strong threads which then twist on a spiral.

The flock is the small pile pasted on a strong fabric basis. Nubuck - the same flock on which as a result of heat treatment teflon is applied, as in a frying pan which always thinks of us. From - for it fabric gains antistatic and water-repellent properties, it does not attract dust and it is easy to clean it.

- the cotton fabric impregnated with water-repellent structure make of a skotchgard, generally protective covers for sofas.

There now, we got acquainted with all components of a sofa, but how, all - to choose? The main thing - not to hurry. You buy a sofa for long term. Sit on it, and even lie down. Estimate its softness, comfort, tenderness and even began to smell.

If it is a folding sofa, sort and put it several times. Estimate coordination of operation of the mechanism of a sofa. Do not be ashamed that a thing, actually, others. Yours sit-round gathering on a sofa not dolzhnyy something to do much harm. Otherwise - why to buy such perishable thing?