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How to choose a sofa that it did not creak and did not collapse? We Will begin

with a basis of a sofa, its framework. Apply metal, wooden bars and plywood to production of frameworks. We will not consider metal frameworks. They are applied to production of office sofas, and their durability is so big that does not raise questions.

At the choice of a sofa for the house, first of all, try to learn from what wood the framework is built. The firmest, but also the most expensive grades of the wood applied to production elite sofas - a beech, an oak, a nut, an ash-tree and mahogany mahogany.

Much cheaper frameworks from a birch - rather strong and pleasant material in feelings.

Cheaper frameworks of sofas do of coniferous grades of wood. In our country the pine is especially popular. It well gives in to processing, pleasantly smells of pitch. Its not numerous shortcomings (for example, a suchkovatost) can quite be neglected. The main thing that wood was initially dry.

The framework of a good sofa is done of well dried wood. But, which - where neglect it so that even the upholstery covering a framework gets wet.

Badly dried up sofa framework long will dry at your place, extending a smell of crude wood, skosobochitsya and will begin to creak.

Perhaps, such sofa inspired, good, but alas, the poet Nikolay Oleynikov unfairly forgotten on immortal lines:

The sofa, we here,

U us a romanchik, and to you kaput " Creaks;

However here more likely kaput will be at our good mood.

But it not only your trouble, but also your fault. It was necessary to check quality of a sofa in shop. How? To the touch.

A flat covering of frameworks do of plywood, drevesno - struzhechny (chipboard), drevesno - fiber (DVP) of plates and even of a cardboard. By itself, these materials also have to be high-quality. The best of these materials is plywood. But only good plywood.

Often the covering of sofas is done from drevesno - a struzhechny plate, but, in - the first, it is much heavier than plywood, in - the second, from it harmful couples of components of phenolformaldehyde pitches which glued plates are allocated. To reduce harmful action of flying components, plates varnish or paint, but it is not 100% protection.

DVP and a cardboard do not maintain any criticism - they are fragile.

The main details of a framework have to be reliably bolted strong or hairpins. The sofa on screws will be loosened very quickly. Pay attention to joints of wooden parts of a framework, they have to be carefully adjusted and well glued. Otherwise the scratch is provided to you. One more indirect indicator of quality of a sofa - it has to be to look accurately not only outside, but also from within.

In a good sofa it is not necessary to use the special efforts to open or move apart it. All parts of a sofa have to be well adjusted and supplied with the special springs compensating the weight of the lifted parts of a sofa.