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Who in a bath the owner?

In East Slavic mythology are the character called by a bannik. It is the spirit living in a bath i.e. a kind of the brownie. In other places he was called a baynik, a bayennik, baynoshko, a laznik. It is found behind an oven - Kamenka or under a regiment. It is got after emergence in the house of the first child. Sometimes and itself settles together with the wife, and even with children.

What it, on beliefs of our ancestors? Most often, certainly, the bannik is invisible to

. Which - who even considers that thanks to a cap of darkness. But could seem in the form of the naked old man who is stuck around by leaves from a broom, the long-haired man, and also a dog, a cat, a hare. A. N. Afanasyev so described his temper: Bannik does not love those who take a steam bath at night, and smothers such daredevils, especially if they create ablution without prayer . It is sacred, sacred, sacred!

And still he was accused that he can kidnap the child left in a bath, having thrown instead of his podmenysh. Podmenysh was determined by rachitic addition: with a large head, big-bellied, he was not able neither to go, nor to speak, and, having lived so several years, died or turned into a brand or a bath broom. Here horror - that! And not only Slavs so considered: in some Celtic tribes there was a similar belief too.

To return own child, it was necessary to beat a podmenysh with a birch or nut rod, the return miracle will not be made yet. There were also other ways but less widespread. And here as a prophylactic from substitution the hand of the baby was tied up a red shnurochok or put on a head... Little Red Riding Hood! Besides, watched that on the person the moonlight did not fall, fumigated a cradle before going to bed and put in it charms.

The female form of this supernatural being was called too differently: bannikha, loophole, bayenny mother. In the Russian North trusted in an obderikha which was described as the shaggy terrible old woman sometimes acting naked, sometimes - in the form of a cat with the burning eyes. With it jokes were bad: it was impossible to wash alone at all - a sin for which the obderikha asks to the maximum, ripping and hanging up skin (therefore also obderikhy it was called) on an oven, and drove a body of unfortunate into cracks on a floor. She with anybody did not want to share the fourth steam: could scratch.

The Shishiga in the Vladimir, Saratov and other lands was a character of a feminine gender too. Also it was shown to those who went to a bath without prayer: turned around in the relative or the acquaintance, called to take a steam bath and could trouble to death. This small humpbacked essence differed in a pot-belly, knotty handles and a cold little body, preferred a nocturnalism. Though in some places the word of mouth determined by it registration at all and not in a bath, and in canes on small rivulets.

Superstitions of Slavs demanded observance of rules of the address with bathing spirits. needed to be told

At an entrance to a bath by all means: Baptized on shelves, non-Christian from the regiment and leaving - to invite: The Owner with the hostess, with small aunts you stay to us on a visit or, at least, to say: To You, a bath, on standing, and to us on kind health . Besides, it was accepted to leave this to a mythical being strict, frankly speaking, water, soap and a broom, and that it, unexpectedly, will begin to splash next time with boiled water, to be thrown by the heated kamenye or more tnan that - will fill with waste.

It is asked: how to exist in so dangerous neighbourhood, kakovy the bannik was? But was considered, as the advantage of it is. In - the first, on spirit of a bath counted as on the defender from other misfortunes: intrigues of an ovinnik, dead persons etc. To secure with help such, in a new bath brought bread and salt, and under a threshold buried the strangled black rooster or, as a last resort, chicken.

In - the second, he participated in maiden fortune-telling, very amusing, we will directly tell. On a Christmas-tide at midnight the gadalshchitsa who are interested in a marriage had to substitute a bannik... eee... the bared site of the body - that thanks to which we have an opportunity to sit: baths approached or to the external door and directly on the street accepted the corresponding pose, or showed it before an oven or even exposed this place in a smoke hole.

If at the same time there was a feeling of a touch of a shaggy hand, meant - to be to the rich groom if naked - poor if it was not possible to feel a contact - the groom is not at all. It was strictly forbidden to give a hand in a bath window. Her owner could hold down fingers iron rings, as is very sick, and it is absolutely inconvenient.

Was considered that the bannik could work wonders. In the Murom regions there is a legend about the uncle Kostya who came to a bath to tell fortunes. Lo and behold, and the woman sits there: Take, - says, - me in marriage . And there was it the mermaid. The uncle Kostya crossed it, and it became the ordinary woman. They got married and lived, as they say in such cases, long and happily.

National legends kept a story about how a bannik and even an obderikha rescued people. And hardly accident that bread with which mother of the bride blessed to a wreath of young people was called not as - nibud, and a bannik!

At last, sacrificial hens, according to many hristolyubets, brought to inhabitants of heaven Svarogu and Svarozhich in a bath. Means, it is possible that once the bannik was involved in a cult of ancient Slavic God - the Creator?